Wednesday, February 2, 2011

snow days.... sort of funny & warning dirty words ;)

today is the second "snow day" for a-town, it should really be labeled ice day because the roads are covered in ice & so now the whole town is almost shut down.  :)  i had planned on working today, sure i got caught up on my emails from when i left yesterday but i really, really planned on entering forms for our upcoming nrs program.  but it seems that mm doesn't like to be worked remotely.  we will see what brian comes up with but this is his guess as well. 

i thought i would tell you a little story about my day yesterday, there will be expletives because i'm not too happy about what happened at one point so be aware.  ;)

so i really needed some sour cream for our frito pies & milk so we could have cereal this morning, so on our way to dropping jess off at work, only about 5 blocks away, we stopped at the dol gen.  she went in got the 2 items & came out.  well before that the whole way there, my car, it's a magnum aka pimpmobile, so it's really low to the ground & it scraped almost the entire way over ice & snow.  we have also been having an issue with it where the engine light comes on & if it has a certain light on it runs hard so i just have to turn it off & then it comes right back on & it runs just fine, well, this time it didn't want to start!!!  are you kidding me, right here right now?!?  so luckily i got it started cause i got mad skillz that way.  :P  so now the car is running fine & we are STUCK!  so i'm trying reverse/forward/reverse/forward & nothing works, well the whole time this stupid BITCH decides she wants to watch.  so i stop & sit there thinking she can go ahead, i gave her plenty of time but she kept staring at the car.  i got out got the bleach out & poured around the tires, heard somewhere that works, NOT it doesn't work don't waste your bleach or chance it getting on your clothes.  she is still staring at me & the car, i'm looking at her like really?  so i'm not a confrontational person at all i just want to point that out.  so i don't really say anything i just stare back at her.  finally this nice gentleman gets out of his truck & helps jess push the car back so we can get going.  it worked, now before you get on to me about letting my teen push the car you better ask yourself would you let your non-driving non-educated license-wise teen accelerate backwards on ice & chance her backing into someone?  hell no you wouldn't!  you know you wouldn't!  ;)  anywho so i look back & that STUPID FUCKING BITCH just backs up no problem & drives away.  REALLY ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME YOU BITCH?!?  YOU SAT IN YOUR NICE WARM CAR & WATCHED THE WHOLE THING HAPPEN & YOU DIDN'T ASK TO HELP THE 5 MINUTES BEFORE WHEN I WAS TRYING TO GET OUT OF THE STUPID PARKING LOT IN YOUR HAT & GLOVES & SCARF?  give me a break.  i hope i never see her again, i just might say something to her, well maybe not.  so now we are on our way & low & behold jess' work is closed.  REALLY we went through all of that & they are closed.  no polite text, he knows my cell # & no courtesy call.  it's not that i'm upset with him it's just annoying all that other stuff happened first. 

anywho, thank you mr nice stranger for helping us out.  i hope i see you again, if i recognize you, i will definitely thank you once again!

here are some pics of what our front yard looked like yesterday, i haven't even peeked outside today to see what it looks like outside.  it's tooooooo cold.  :)

out my front door so pretty

my cars covered in snow, the weatherman measured 3.25" of snow on the top of the magnum

who need expensive snow boots, when you can recycle plastic bags & save your shoes.  yes i really wore them on my shoes, that's old school baby!
happy snow/ice days everyone, i'm loving it!  remember be nice if you see someone stuck, help them out if you can.  you have no idea how much they will appreciate you for it!  :)

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