Tuesday, March 15, 2011

2011 march madness begins!

ok, so i'm not a sports expert & nor do i pretend to be one but i love to do the basketball bracket for ncaa basketball.  i suck EVERY YEAR but it's still fun.  most of the time i try to do a little underdog, a little favored & a few of my picks are because i like the names.  i know, a man would never say that but i'm a female so i can say stuff like that.  ;)  last year we did one with friends & then i did one at work.  this year i'm just doing one with work.  so without further ado here is my bracket for this year.  i'm taking bragging rights this year damnit!!!  :D

we got a winner right here!  i have kansas beating duke in the finals with a score of 75-72.
good luck to all you bracket players out there.  :)
fyi, the names i like are Vanderbilt aka Vandy & Gonzaga. 

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