Wednesday, March 23, 2011

my lil' q is growing up

it's so bittersweet when you have these little epiphanies of your children learning new things, even the little things like learning how to color better.  my q came to work with me the other day after school & let me tell you she was on her best behavior!  i couldn't believe how well behaved she was (i really think she was tired).  i brought some colors & stuff for her to stay occupied.  usually she cuts up with the sales reps & gets a little loud & rambunctious & i have to keep telling her to quiet down.  :o)  but not this time, she was quiet & everyone asking if she was always that good.  for the most part she is such a good girl and listens but most of you know how 5yr olds are.

such a big girl!

now, this may not look very "pretty" but its such an improvement from before she started pre-k!  SHE STAYED IN THE LINES!  this is such a hard thing for little kids to learn, hell i even get out of the lines on occasion.  :) 

so we have a little back story on my little pony...  q used to call them "high" little pony all the time.  i loved it!  then she said the funniest thing about them & well... you know how my mind works i made a big joke about it but of course she didn't get it, so i thought i would tell you our little convo about "high" little ponies.

q: mommy, i love "high" little ponies
me: me too, they are so cute!
q: did you know that "high" little ponies eat grass
me: yes i did, that's why they are "high" little ponies

hahaha, still cracks me up!  we joke about this at home on occasions, the daddy & i.  sadly, "high" little pony doesn't exist anymore.  we just have the plain ol' my little ponies now.  :(  oh well, no telling what hopp will come up with.


Candace said...

awe, she did a great job! So cute-love the joke!

Christine C. Moore said...

Lots of color. My favorite part about that stage.

And can't wait till she tells that joke to a teacher. HA!

stephanni :] said...

i just noticed the orange "circles" are hearts. you can tell better on the first one on the second row. awww, something i haven't ever seen her do. my heart melts. :o)