Monday, March 14, 2011

nice 'n easy colorblend foam

this is the actual color i got, medium reddish brown
whatever you do, do not purchase this CRAP!!!! it was an EPIC FAIL!!! i was so excited that nne was giving away 100,000 boxes away for free, i made sure i was on fb at the right time because each day they had so many to give away & they went fast. i got one on my second try. i dye my hair quite often & have yet to find one i truly like. maybe it's because i'm el cheapo when it comes to anything i buy. there are few things i actually pay full price for because i'm a firm believer that generic is just as good.

ef #1, this does NOT foam! well not like the commercial makes it out to be. it looks so neat, like mousse. um, this was like foaming hand soap, all liquid-y & nothing like mousse! i put some in my hand and applied just as the box says, after shaking forever, it doesn't mix well either. i thought it was a pump but nope you have to squeeze the bottle to get out the "foam".

ef #2 this is extremely liquid-y so when you apply it by hand it slides right off onto your clothes! i wore a nightgown when i applied it, i knew i would be ok getting some on it, well i got A LOT of it on my nightgown! >( i'm use to the occasional dye on the back collar because of the hair at the nape neck brushing against the collar. this was on my shoulder, a huge glob! the first application of the dye went directly on my gown. wtf! are you kidding me?!? i got some on my skin: wrist, shoulder, chest, forehead, ears & neck.

ef #3 the smell, omg this shit stinks so bad. most dyes do but this is horrific, the stench is so bad q commented on it about 3x during the course of her using the potty (mom never gets to have any time to herself, everyone has to follow). i bent over one time to make sure i got the hair at the nape of my neck & i almost passed out the fumes were so potent!

ef #4 this crap doesn't rinse off well or at all! so i hop in the shower to get all this mess off & my hair WILL NOT rinse clean. i swear i rinsed it for a good 15-20 minutes & it would not rinse clear!

ef #4 your hair feels super dry, clumped together & just GROSS. if you have ever had your hair highlighted, you know the feeling of your hair being hard & just about to break off? this is how terrible it felt after it got rinsed off, well as much as i could get rinsed off. the conditioner was the only up-side to this whole fiasco! even after applying the conditioner, which smelled good, could not mask the smell of the dye. this shit stinks! i washed it again & it smells just as bad today as it did on saturday when i did it!

ef #5 doll hair or hair transplants. you know you can tell when someone gets hair transplants, it looks like doll hair. well it doesn't rinse off your scalp hardly at all so when you towel dry your hair all you see is the dye in your hair pores & it looks just like hair transplants. i was mortified! i had a retirement party to go to that night & there was no way i could possibly go looking like so after my hair was rinsed & conditioned, i scrubbed my scalp with a wipe, luckily it got all of it off my scalp far enough up you couldn't tell. i shouldn't have to scrub my scalp with a wipe to get it off. i have used the color silk stuff before, you know the 2.97 dye you can get at walmart & heb that's super cheap & comes out in the shower each time you wash for like 2mths?

sorry, lighting is bad but this is my stain on my arm below the wrist
& it looks worse in person.  my shoulder & chest stains are WORSE!!!
ef #6 skin is all stained up! i have a mark on my that. luckily baby wipes are the best hair dye removers (best when used right away). the only reason i didn't have stains on my forehead is because i used baby wipes to remove all of that. wrist that looks like a weird birthmark or a huge freckle that will not come off. i have stains on my shoulder & chest that will not come off either. i asked someone that used it as well if she had staining issues, she said she had stains for 1wk after dying her hair! if you get any on your counters it took her 1mth to get it to go away. i have tile so it wiped right off.

so i thought well maybe mine was defective but after asking her if hers was the same way (and it was) and then reading all reviews (after applying should have looked before i tried it out, i would have felt more prepared) it is definitely not just a "i had a defective bottle, foaming dye".

so heed my warning... DON'T BUY THIS SHIT!!! stick to your regular nne dye if you use them & please don't waste $8-10 on this crap. the color turned out good but not worth all the hassle & mess & stench!