Thursday, March 10, 2011

retro days

just a short post about q & hopp. i went to dittos last week & picked up some dresses for q & hopp for the spring. we got these hot pink croc boots from my sister a year or two ago & q fell in love with them the minute i pulled them out of the bag. now it's hopp's turn to wear the crap out of them. so with one of the new dresses & those hot pink croc boots, hopp was struting her 60s look. if you ever get a chance to get a pair of the croc boots, get them. they are so cute, the last time i looked they had the hot pink, bright yellow & electric blue colors but now they have 3 different styles & the ones kind of like ours, now comes in 6 different colors! they are like $25-40 but i swear these things CAN NOT be destroyed! hopp is the 3rd child to wear these & they still look brand new & you can even put them in the dishwasher to wash. :o)

this morning (this was 2 days ago, blogger has been having issues with pictures uploading, finally got them in) q was dead-set on wearing a tutu to school. i remembered my mil bought her one with a shirt & a pair of leggings to go with it. after her finding every tutu in the house but that one, i helped her look for it, i remember washing the crazy thing. well i found it & she was super excited! so today she went to school in her 80s gear. it was so cute, when we got to school, i heard, "ohhhh qeylee, you look so pretty!" & then i heard, "qeylee, i want to sit next to you.". as silly as i thought she looked, it made her day to know that everyone thought she was pretty. just brings tears to my eyes knowing that. everyone wants to be accepted & liked and if i ever had a doubt in my mind that q didn't have any of that i knew for sure today she has plenty of that. it doesn't hurt that she is "ms social butterfly". :]

enjoy the rest of the week, not for sure if i will post again till next week.

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