Monday, January 23, 2012

366 days of photos week 3

instead of 366 photos, i'm now calling it 366 days of photos because sometimes a day may need more photos!  :)

so here is week 3 for 2012:

day 15: sunday 1/15/12
after church with nana all dressed up

after taking off church clothes, it was time for some outside play time.  i saw her playing with this giant limb from one of our trees, i asked her if she was playing a cello & showed her a pic of what a cello looked like & she said that was what she was doing.  :)  maybe she will be a concert cello player one day.

day 16: monday 1/16/12
play date at the park.  i didn't get to chat with the moms like i had hoped because my sister came down but i love this pic of my nephew.  he is giving amanda hell & i love it.  she is finally paying for her raising with him.  he is so funny!  yep, that's q in the dirt...  where else would she be?  she loves her dirt!  :)

day 17: tuesday 1/17/12
i need to get a better pic but this is what one of my neighbors did for a different take on how to display your house number.  it's really cute when they have them filled with flowers that are bloomed.

day 18: wednesday 1/18/12
got stuck behind a train at lunch.  thought i would take this for my pic for the day. 

a finished baby blanket i did for my husband's aunt, someone at her work is having a bambina so she asked me to make her one.  it's a shell stitch blanket, the usual one i make.

day 19: thursday 1/19/12
my work stamper.  i got this from when i worked at the phone book & i kept it when i moved over to my current job.  this has been a lifesaver on so many occasions when i want to cover my ass.  :)  the example of the stamper is on top of it & it was stamped AUG 10 2005!  i've had this sucker for quite some time.  :o)

day 20: friday 1/20/12
this is my dinero for dawson change jar.  a dear friend of mine has a little boy that turned 2 last august & they found out a couple of months ago that he has high functioning autism.  they are doing the local autism 5k in april & i started up a jar for them.  i think we are going to do a garage sale soon too.  those are always great fundraisers!

day 21: saturday 1/21/12
the morning after q's sleep over we did a couple things with the girls (the pics of the party are to come soon).  all the girls got "tats" on their arms, they loved it & thought they were so grown.  :)  clockwise: q, jess, isabella, katelyn & hopp.  q is holding up a tiny pascal from tangled that was on her cake.

this was a pinterest find, another craft for the morning after, pascal party blowers.  they are the blowers with the design taken off & i cut up foam head shapes & stapled (didn't want to wait for glue to dry) fronts & backs together.  then glued on eyes & "sharpied" on a mouth.  you can find the tutorial here & so many other tangled birthday ideas.  :)

hopp chillin' in my lap with party favors, jess is in the background watching a movie with us all snuggled up with her blanket.

i later went out with some friends from work for roger's (pictured) birthday.  look at this fabulous drink!!!  it's called the fishbowl, as you can see, it's bigger than his head!!!  maria & her sister were sharing it & i couldn't believe it only cost $10!!!  it was pretty tasty, they put a little in my empty rum & coke glass so i could taste it.  not for sure what all is in it, this is what i could remember, blue curacao or whatever it's called, sprite, banana liquor, that's all i remember but it was sweet & fruity.  i think it probably had some pineapple juice in it too.  they should put gummy fish in there. 
just in case you were wondering, it was a plastic bowl, i'm sure for drunk-ass safety reasons.  :)

well, that's it for the week in photos.  i actually did pretty good this week since i had a photo for every single day.  :o)


Kathleen said...

Your photos are so happy-making! I love that one of your nephew---his face is cracking me up! And I love your neighbors' flower-pot house number, what a cool idea. :D

It's just really neat to see all these little slices of your life, I should organize my photo-a-days and make a post of them...eventually.

stephanni :] said...

so glad i can bring some happy to your life. my nephew is the cutest kiddo! i wish they lived closer so i could be around them.

the flower pots need to be closer i think. something about this is off & i can't figure out what it is.

i would love to see your photos so get BUSY!!! :o)