Tuesday, January 17, 2012

366 photos week 2

Day 8: Sunday 1/8/12
here's a picture q made at school.  this made us laugh because flowers is the most country-phonetically spelled word!  how did she get television but not flowers.  i love art work like this and of course it's her watering the "flars" because she has curly hair.  :o) 

Day 9: Monday 1/9/12
Q's birthday cupcakes for school.  the kids didn't know why they had Qs on them.  :)  i didn't know if i had enough icing for all the cupcakes so i had a genius moment & just put letter Qs on each one.  chocolate was gf & the vanilla were regular.

here she is holding one that was leftover. 

Day 10: Tuesday 1/10/12
she was being so good at the dr office that morning.  they have a small section for kids, we were at the gastro for a follow-up for her tummy issues.  all has been going great since we cut out wheat.  :)

Day 11: Wednesday 1/11/12
at nana's & diddy's for our wednesday night dinners at their house.  she is working with q on her homework.

hopp cheezin' for a photo.  finally, i think she got the concept of smiling at the camera  :o)

Day 12: Thursday 1/12/12
my boss did a local dancing with the stars for a local children's home fundraiser.  these were her goody sacks for the people that supported her with some money for the event.  i put all her pics on the sacks & tied bows on them, all 63 of them!!! 

Day 13: Friday 1/13/12  OOPS!  FORGOT TO TAKE A PIC!!!  :o(

Day 14: Saturday 1/14/12

how cute is this?!?!?!?!? this is hopp & her friend k.  her mom & i were walking the mall early sat & they played on the playground while we did our thing.  they decided to hold hands on the way to chick-fil-a for a drink & i got this. 

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