Friday, January 13, 2012

fo today!!!

so i found this apple jacket pattern from a fellow blogger (sarah makes some of the most beautiful stuff & i'm really jealous that she can knit & crochet!) that is so absolutely super easy & so super cute!  so here are some that i have made.

i call them apple cozies.  aren't they adorable?!?
i actually had a friend request 5 of them from me so i have 2 more to make.  she is going to give them to the ladies in her group that are trying to eat better.  :o)  they are on the small size so i may venture out & try to make some big enough for the big red delicious kind.

don't forget to head over to tami's amis & check out all the great finished handmade items.  :o)  have a great weekend, i know i'm going to.  i get monday off for Dr Martin Luther King day!  thank you Dr King for all you did!  i know i may not have the family i do now if it wasn't for you!  well, i probably would but you know what i mean.  :o)


Sam Findlay said...

These are super cute!

Kathleen said...

Thank you for reminding me that an apple cozy is definitely on my "TO MAKE OMG" list! So cute, and yours are kind of the sweetest ever---oh my gosh, that cupcake button! And the pretty sherberty colours! :D

stephanni :] said...

thanks ladies, nothing like instant gratification! I think you could make at least 2 in one sitting. oh I forgot to say its in british tems so make sure you do sc not dc. :o)

kathleen I got my buttons at hobb lobb but michaels carries them too. i'm sure joann's carries them but we don't have a joann's so i'm not for sure.

all my yarn used was from lily sugar and cream