Monday, January 9, 2012

no resolutions but going to try the 366 photos...

i'm sure i will miss a day or two, here & there but i'm going to do a weekly post of what was photoed the previous week.  it seems that headband love has taken over EVERY SINGLE DAY so i have no hair photos anymore.  :(  oh well, maybe one day headbands won't be so fun anymore & i can do some hair posts.  :o)

so here goes the photos for last week....
day 1 sunday: 1/1/12,  hopp in her new froggy hat & jacket she got from grandad & gigi.  she loves the hat & see that chap stick in her hands, thats her "makeup".  :o)

day 3 tuesday: 1/3/12, sorry no pic on 1/2, hopp fell asleep watching tv, it was running late in the afternoon so we didn't take a nap & she fell smooth asleep in her chair.  i ended up moving her to one of the recliners but she was so comfortable that she didn't care either way.  it just looks like it hurts, A LOT!!!

day 4 wedensday: 1/4/12, i painted hopp's nails.  she was so proud!!  it's one of the pirates opi mini collection colors i bought after christmas i showed you in post not too long ago.  it's in the planks a lot, color, it's a light color.  :o)

day 5 thursday: 1/5/12, it's an fo that i wanted to save for friday but i guess i will show you now since i have no other pic for that day.  it's the blanket i was working on last week for my friend mari, she is due in early march but we had a surprise shower for her last friday.  it turned out so pretty.  she is having a baby boy, as you can see by color choice, they are naming him cash.  so cute, i love unusual names!  :o)

day 6 friday: 1/6/12, q fell asleep in her chair reading books.  they don't take naps at school anymore so she crashes when she gets home.  never even knows what hits her it just happens.  i love the funny fall asleep photos, as you can see we do it all the time with 2 out of the 7 pics already shown.  jess took this pic with her iphone & i just snapped a pic of the screen with my phone.  :o)

day 7 saturday: 1/7/12, having fun in the laundry basket.  i swear you could give kids empty boxes & laundry baskets for xmas & birthdays & they would be he happiest kids ever!  i love this photo!  hopp is in the middle of saying cheese & i actually got her to look at me.  :o)

have a great rest of the week & hopefully i will have some stuff for you on wed. & fri. with crochet posts.


Kathleen said...

I'm trying to do the photo-a-day thing this year, too---mine are a lot less cute, as there are no sweet little Hoppers in froggy hats and brand-new nail polish! I love your finished blanket too, and I totally remember sitting in the laundry basket as a kid---glad it wasn't just me! ;)

stephanni :] said...

hahahaha, me too kathleen. i remember fighting over whose turn it was in the basket & i have a battle scar on the top of my left foot from my brother & i fighting over the basket. our baskets were always broken because we had the open mesh type ones. i have one that's just like it, that's broken too, not pictured. ;)

it's amazing what a new bottle of polish will do! you should go get you some! :o)

i'm going to go check your photos out now, been slacking on the blog reads again.