Wednesday, January 18, 2012

DELISH DIP!!!! (with detailed instructions)

i wanted to share this new recipe, i can't take credit for it but i can take credit for posting it right?!?  anywho, i looked all over the web for this & couldn't find this exact recipe.  it's called Popper Dip.  there is one recipe out there with most of the same ingredients but this is the only gf/low carb versions out there.  PLUS you don't have to bake it!!! 
so here goes the recipe, i can guarantee you won't be disappointed!!!!

popper dip: see below for better pic

you will need
1 8oz pkg of cream cheese
1 8oz container of sour cream
1 cp of cheese (i used mexican cheese with the 4 different types of cheeses but feel free to use your favorite cheese)
1 pkg of the dry hidden valley ranch dip (you know, the seasoning packets)
½ pkg of real bacon bits (feel free to make your own bacon, this is just the easiest version, i used the hickory smoked oscar mayer brand)
1-2 seeded jalapenos (i only needed 2 because mine were HUGE)

1. chop your peños.  i prefer the minced (the smaller the better for me) version.  i used both pickled & fresh peños, i prefer the pickled due to i'm not a real jalapeño fan.  i don't care for the fresh taste of peños plus they give a more crunch to your dip if fresh if you like that kind of thing.  you can actually leave them out if you want but they won't have that jalapeño popper flavor.  when you mince it, it gives it a hint of spice & a small amount of the flavor.  :o)

2. soften the cream cheese in the micro, my micro has a setting for that but if yours doesn't, just stick it in for about 20 seconds or so.  then you need to whip it with a hand mixer. then when whipped, add your hvr dip seasoning & the container of sour cream.  it was just easier this way mixing it with my hand mixer.  my hand mixer is a total BEAST!!!  on the first setting is your usual high setting for normal mixers but not on mine!  it's super high on the first setting & only gets faster. 

3. after you have blended the seasoning, cream cheese & sour cream smoothly together you will just add everything else; peños, cheese, bacon bits.  mix till everything is combined.  we ate this right away the first time & it was a bit on the ranchy side.  we left it in the fridge overnight & it was absolutely to-die-for the next day!  the second time i used the fresh peños i didn't need to wait overnight.  the fresh ones were so potent in flavor it really toned down the seasoning.

so in a nutshell, mix your soft cheeses with your seasoning until completely smooth then, add your peños, bacon & shredded cheese & mix until all is combined.  it's that easy, just thought i would really break it down ahead of time.  :o)

see those fresh peños?  this was the second batch.

we serve them with ruffles or the wavy chips because they are thick, the thin chips would probably break too easy.  the hubby ate this with carrots & he said it was so good.  so if you really want to do the whole low carb thing, eat with celery or other low carb veggies.  :o) 

we are having a chili cook off at work next week & i'm bringing this.  imagine how good it would be in your chili!!!! 


Sarah said...

That looks soooo good! Jenny made one Monday and it had to be baked but it was to die for! How are jalapeno poppers the best thing ever? Seriously. I want a cereal made out of them.

stephanni :] said...

omg sarah you will love it & honestly i can't stand jalapeño poppers! i don't like the flavor of peños. i know weird but this dip is so gooooood!!! i pinned it yesterday & i had several repins! so exciting!!! :)

your cereal is a disgusting idea but it's funny as hell! could you imagine what the artwork would look like on the box? :D