Thursday, May 31, 2012

366 days of photos week 21

we have new shoes, glittery car roof, a little magic, & some "who" hair...

day 139: sun 5/20
q working on the last of the bracelets

all finished!!! total of 20 class bracelets

this is what they look like.  she did the braids, i did the knotted ones.  jess did one or 2 of the braided ones...

day 140: mon 5/21
trying to clean out my garage... put some stuff on some special fb pages.  i sold some stuff really fast!  this is a twin bed frame for one of the pics.  :)

day 141: tues 5/22
my new tennis shoes!!! 

i wish my pic was better.  they are restoring this old car & they painted the roof in silver glitter!!!  omg, i wonder if i can talk jason into letting me do the baby car roof in glitter?  ;o)

day 141: wed 5/23
q's teacher gift

day 142: thurs 5/24
everyone needs a little magic wand in their pencil holder right?  :o)

was re-fixing her hair & i have one piece braided & when i pulled on the braid to get it out of the bended pony it stuck straight up.  hopp & i were giggling about it & so i snapped a pic so q could see it & giggle with us too.  :o)  we had the best little laugh about her "who" hair.

day 143: fri 5/25  sorry folks... no pic

day 144: sat 5/26
we celebrated memorial day early over at nana's house.  not for sure why i took these pics but hopp was being crazy as usual & wouldn't stay still.  :o)  they had been swimming for about 2hrs & had a blast!

crazy swimming hair...

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