Saturday, July 7, 2012

366 days of phots week 26

we have some nails to show off & the evil bunnies make a special appearance...

day 173: 6/24 sun
look at that smile!!!  she was being so sweet.  love that face!!!

day 174: 6/25 mon
did my nails in the orange that came with the ulta popaganda set.  it wasn't as bright as i originally wanted but it looked good, i liked the more i looked at it.

day 175: 6/26 tues
met up with claudia for some mommy time & the evil bunnies were back!  it's been awhile since i've seen them.  we haven't hit up mez in awhile but before we stopped going, they were MIA, maybe because one of the ears were broken off.  see what happens when you are an evil bunny!!!  :o)  i actually think they were a little cute this time & maybe getting an ear broken off & glued back on taught them a lesson.

day 176: 6/27 wed  no pic today, well i had one but the picture for the 28th was better...

day 177: 6/28 thurs
i've been doing the phones for one hour a day at work, don't ask...  anywho, we have a baby frog!!!  it's so cute.  you may have to click on the pic to really see it.  it was a tadpole, i swear like yesterday, now we have a baby frog, they grow up so fast.  ;)  

day 178: 6/29 fri
pouty hopp, didn't get a good nap in & didn't want to look or talk to anyone & when i started to take her pic she went hysterical & put her hands in front of her face, didn't work we were still in the car with her.  we spent the night in dallas & went to nrh2o with the kiddos...

day 179: 6/30 sat
so we are at the hotel getting ready & out our window is a tower...  that's right we stayed in the dfw airport!!!  priceline gave us this hotel at the price we asked & because we bid on a price they don't tell you were it's at.  this hotel was amazing but the food & amenities were outrageous!!!  anyway, it was pretty cool to look out the balcony at the planes.  on a greater note, we got jess back from her 5wk stay with her dad.  we sure did miss her & are so glad to have her back!!!  :o) 

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