Friday, December 17, 2010

christmas wishes 2010

UPDATE: i got everything i wanted except for the key chain, i actually bought the beanie beard pattern myself, now gotta get started on making them, i have 4 orders for them.  :)

so i thought i would share my wishlist for xmas & birthday with you.

1. sewing machine - well not this particular one but isn't it too cute????
awww, it's hello kitty!  :)

2. mani/pedi for at least 2 visits i need more than one of either or both because I wait too long between getting them done.   what girl wouldn’t like the gift of pretty nails?

3. gift cards hobby lobby and Michaels.
any increments accepted

now I don’t expect any of you out there to get me these things it’s more of a list of what i want as a guide for the hubby, even though he will not see this until after christmas, i told him about this blog but haven't told him the url just yet.  i’m sure i have more wants but right now i can’t think of them.

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