Wednesday, December 22, 2010

mini giraffe

so every since i saw the directv commercial with the russian guy i have wanted one of those silly mini giraffes, it's so stinkin' cute & when he kisses it, it totally cracks me up.  they have so much going on in the commercial that i see something new each time i watch it.  it's great.  if you notice in the opening of the commercial you see dogs playing poker, he eats gold covered grapes, remote is gold & i love the way he says, "peckege". :anywho, here is the video of the commercial so you can watch & love it too.
playing peek-a-boo

ok, the real reason for the post is to show you i got my very own mini giraffe.  one of my sales reps brought it to me the other day & i was so excited my face turned super red & i got really hot.  i so love it & he sits on my messy desk & watches me work.  thank you diane for finding him & getting it for me.  :)

here he is, super cute, like my mug cozy, i made it :)

so any ideas on what we should call him? 

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