Monday, December 27, 2010

christmas eve 2010

i had the day off & enjoyed it thoroughly, nap included.  :)  i did some last minute shopping for my sister-in-law and tessa, finished wrapping all the presents and stockings done at 2am.  we went & looked at lights but hopp only made it about 10 minutes, she was talking one minute & then we look over & she is passed out!  so sweet!  we tried to make it to wal-mart & heb to get some drinks for christmas day but they were not letting people in AT ALL, they were closing at 8 & turning peeps away at 7:45 or maybe earlier.  so we headed to walgreens, they carry wine & beer in a-town now. :)

so now that beer & wine have been bought & lights have been seen we start on the cookies.  q was so cute & loved scooping them out & putting them on the parchment paper, we made oatmeal chocolate chip.  hopp was none too happy with me because i wouldn't let her help us.  q was very adamant about santa wanting chocolate milk.  so i made sure chocolate syrup was on the shopping list.  i gave the girls one cookie each & then left the kitchen.  i hear q about 2 minutes later, "mommy, hopper just got another cookie", she snuck two, i'm sure of.  i wished i had taken a pic of the chocolate all over her sweet, stuffed-with-cookies face.

just scoop

and then plop them down

so happy

you better at least give me a cookie or there's going to be trouble!
so then after the cookies were made, they got to open their christmas eve gift.  every year i always let the girls open one present on christmas eve, only jess has caught on so far, she was not with us this christmas unfortunately because she is with her dad.  they were so excited about opening a gift.  hopp was unsure on how to open it but she got it after watching q open hers.  q loved the tink ones & hopp loved the dora pjs. the one gift they get to open are new pjs.  you gotta have good pjs for pics on christmas eve.  :)
q how you doing that?

ok, i think i got it

such cuties!  dora & tinkerbell

look at that hair, what the heck is hopp looking at?!?!?

after the light tour was over, cookies were baked, chocolate milk made & christmas eve gifts were opened, we set out the milk & cookies & went to bed.  not a fuss was made because kitcher would be watching, can we leave him out all year, probably not but maybe a couple of letters can be left throughout the year in reminder of how to behave.  :)
yummy cookies & choco milk
i hope everyone had a fabulous holiday weekend as much as i did!  btw, i got my sewing machine, my wonderful hubby came through!  love you baby!

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