Wednesday, December 29, 2010

birthday bash 2010

the 20th was my 35th birthday & so my friends from work decided to help me celebrate.  we met up at bww but it was super packed so we called chelsea's & they had room so we all got in our cars & headed over to chelsea's, we could have walked but it was a chilly night & after drinks who wants to walk that far?  :)  so we sat for a while without a band & had a blast & then the band started.  i was not impressed & they were too loud as you are about to see.  the name of the band means farts, i will not say the name to be nice, & they stunk just as bad.  one drummer was super weird with how he was with his guitar & the other guy sounded like a girl.  anywho, so we had a blast despite the band.  a huge thank you to roger for videoing & narrating for us, he is totally awesome at this & needs to look into acting.  i also want to thank my friend maria for being my driver & coordinating this shindig, & to cristal, doug & lindsay, jody, rosa & her hubby, joe i think, raquel & jody's crazy roommate. please enjoy the show, this was my best birthday ever!!!

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MJeter said...

Well I'm finally here Steph reading your blog. Sorry it took so long but I've enjoyed it all weekend long. It's really great. I like this post...takes me back. :) Good times!