Tuesday, December 14, 2010

a little about me

ri*tac*u*lous means ridiculously spectacular
yarn*in means to do any crafts which involves yarn
these words are courtesy of my 4 yr old Qeylee {pronounced Keely} pictured above:)

so i'm really new to this & i don't know a thing about blogging but i'm going to take a stab at it.   if you have any tips on how to work  this thing let me know, the more i can learn the better this thing will get.  :) 

i'm a working mom of 3 beautiful girls [jessika, qeylee & hopper] ages 14, 4 & 2.  i'm married to the love of my life & soulmate, 9yrs, we dated only 3mths before getting hitched.  :)  i'm very laid back & care free & one of the most non-judgmental people you will ever meet.  i'm not a girly girl but i love all the girly pink & glittery-sparkle stuff.  i have a very good sense of humor & love to laugh.  i tend to over use smileys & use all lower case, that's just how i role.  ;)

my newest passion is crocheting.  i have just recently started selling my hats to friends & even have an etsy page but sadly no sales to strangers from the page yet but i know in time that will come.  if you wanna check out my page on etsy it's www.stephssweetstuff.etsy.com.

thanks & hope to have new stuff daily.  oh yeah, i'm a bit a.d.d. so it may be quite random.  :)

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