Friday, December 30, 2011

no fo today but i have a hair update!

i finally have a hair update.  there is only one but there are several pics of it because hopp would NOT be still!  but she is so damn cute, i know you guys don't mind all the silly pics.  still haven't finished the blanket, wasn't satisfied with how few rows were going to be on it so i had to add some rows, hopefully soon i can share with everyone.  :o)

"hopp be still" faces is blurry just a tad because she was moving it from side to side

"hopp look at mommy" notice her new dora shoes, they are super cute!  the pink part is glitter, and they covered it with a plastic thing so that the glitter doesn't rub off, that's finally something smart!

got this one just in time but wasn't too satisfied so i wanted a couple more of the little ponies

"hopp freeze!"  she throws her hands in the air & waves them all around saying, "i freezing mommy".  i tell her to not move, she's still waving her hands in the air as i tell her not to move.

finally a good shot of the little ponies. thanks to claudia's girls we got some super cute hello "qeylee" stuff aka hello kitty, hopp calls it hello qeylee.  :)

now for something a little gross & i hope i don't upset some of you but i just had my ingrown toenails cut out.  they weren't bothering me at the moment but they usually do & i'm tired of having them so my foot dr suggested taking them out back when i was doing the night splint thing.  i finally called to get an appt so that i could have it done before my deductible started over.  first of all i want to say this pic is not that bad but i hate when people put pics of their feet online because most of the time their toes are super jacked up!  gross your ugly toes just burned in my mind!  i don't have problem with feet just jacked up feet!  :)  so i cropped the photo so you didn't see all my toes.  i wanted to just show you guys how the shot bruised my toes pretty bad.  i usually don't bruise but this time i got a good bruising.  see under the bandages next to the other toes is a big bruise on each big or 'great' toe (that's what a podiatrist calls the big toe, see you are learning something new!)  :o)  they hurt like a sum' bitch today!  i'm staying home when i go for lunch!
i hope you all have a great new year's celebration!  i'm going to take it easy at home & enjoy some delish lambrusco and some movies/dvr action.


Sarah said...

That Hopp is dang cute so she can wave and jump all she wants. :) Oh Steph, that looks painful. They look like baby turbans lol like finger puppets only toe puppets! Hope they feel better soon!

Kathleen said...

jalks;fjd Look at her pose in the second photo!! Too, too cute. :)

And eeek, sorry about the toes! I hope they're all healed up and non-bruised and---most importantly---non-hurty ASAP.

Kathleen said...

P.S. Thanks for recommending Homeland, I finally got around to watching the first episode...followed quickly by the next three or four, LOL. SO GOOD.

crystal said...

yikes! looks painful. i hope you got some good meds.

stephanni :] said...

thanks for all the well wishes, they are getting better everyday. :)

sarah... little turbans! hahahahah!!!

kathleen, so glad you like the show. it was awesome. i was wondering the whole show what was really going to happen. have you finished the series yet?

no meds crystal, they just said ibuprophen would be enough. i had back up & only used them once, couldn't hardly wake up the next morning so i decided not to take anymore.