Monday, May 7, 2012

366 days of photos week 18

i only missed 1 day this week!!!  i think i'm getting the hang of this picture taking thingy.  :o)  this week is mostly about hopp, guess i will have to get q & jess in here more often. 

day 118: sun 4/29
pouty picture, i told her we couldn't do swings, baby swings that was, then decided we would try the big swings.  she did really go all by herself on the big swings.  :o)  love that pouty face!!!

pushing q on the swings, it was quite hilarious!  they made my day

day 119: mon 4/30
gnome display at hobb lobb.  i really like gnomes but none of these tickled my fancy.  i wanted the jamaican one they had for a while but i guess i waited too long, he was gone when i got back.  :)

day 120: tues 5/1  no pic today...

day 121: wed 5/2

hair pic!!!  i did a slanted mini french braid on both the girls.  i left hopp's hair down & q got a low pony with hers...

this is why i left the top pic in too.  hopp's braid is a little dark.  :o)  i love that freckle face q!  she has started getting quite a bit of those lately & i'm sure this summer she will get more since she is going to summer rec. this year.  :o)

day 122: thurs 5/3
dinner at nana & diddy's!  hopp as always having a blast with her diddy!  :o)

q got this mask from santa this year in her stocking & hopp just recently found it in the closet & she wanted to wear it a couple of nights ago.  well fast forward to this night, she didn't have it on when i tucked her in so she must have gotten it & put it on & fell asleep with it on.  usually it ends up in the covers or on top of her head.  i thought this was such a funny site i had to snap the pic. 

day 123: fri 5/4

this is "slobby".  he is our new house mate & current scarer of all!  my mom moved into an apt recently & she has had him forever & she just passed him on to us.  now we all love horror stuff in our house, even hopp, so he was much welcomed!  he holds a bowl so at halloween you can leave him out & he will talk to you as you grab candy.  i can't wait to put him out during trick-or-treating time!!!  anywho, we have been putting him in different places to try & scare each other.  i have been successful with jess, wish i would have had a camera on her, & jason and of course the two littles.  jason has successfully gotten all of us.  :o)  oh & not for sure where hopp got slobby but that is what she called him as soon as she saw him.  i didn't even tell anyone we had him.  she just said, "mommy is slobby real"....

day 124: sat 5/5  happy cinco de mayo!!!

what better way to celebrate cinco de mayo than with a fourth of july tiara!!!  jk, we were at hobb lobb checking out everything & i saw this & had to have hopp model it!  she was more than obliged to help me out.  :o)  can you believe that they have had july 4th stuff out for over a month now?!?

hopp was such a good girl that she got a "prize"!  we saw these rings up by the checkout & for only .99!!!  so i told her to pick one out & she picked the pink one out & said she was going to get one for q!  for .99 i told it was fine so now q & hopp have matching rings.  :o)  look at that cheese!!!  don't you want to just pinch the shit out of her?!?

have a great rest of the week!

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