Wednesday, May 23, 2012

last day of school teacher gift

tomorrow is q's last day of kindergarten & we were so lucky to have ms. williams as q's first teacher!  she has been so sweet & always replied back to my silly emails.  :o)

so i wanted to surprise her with a gift from q.  i wanted to do the super cute flower pot you see on pinterest that is painted yellow on the rim & painted to look like a ruler & black on the rest of the pot & written on it, "thank you for helping me grow" but i procrastinate, no shocker there.  so i had to think of something.  i wanted to do the cute beach towel with a magazine & sunblock but i know she lives in a small town close to here & they don't have a city pool or any apts that have a pool so i'm not for sure how much water she will be around so i started thinking on what to get her...

then i thought of this...

supplies: plastic 2qt pitcher, crystal light drink mixes, snickers, gum, polish remover & 2 bottles of nail polish

q holding the finished goods complete with a bow.  :)

turned out pretty cute i must say!  i really hope she enjoys the gift & really do appreciate her for all she has done!


Claudia said...

Neat idea.

I still haven't figured out what to do for either teacher, although I just finished up with teacher appreciation week.

stephanni :] said...

i feel like they should do teacher appreciation closer to christmas break! i just really feel like i need to get the teacher something on the last day for putting up with me. ;)