Wednesday, May 23, 2012

366 days of photos week 20

this week we had mother's day festivities, nails & a class gift project, so here we go...

day 132: sun 5/13 mother's day 2012 

me & hopp at abuelo's after dinner.  i love this pic of me & her but it looks like she is trying to grope me.  ;o)

4 generations!  my mom, hopp, j, q & me

hopp & diddy, oh hopp!  keep those peepers open & on the camera please.  :)

day 133: mon 5/14
i hit the jackpot at heb the other day & got both of these colors of polish for only $1!!!  they are made by wet n wild & are a part of the wild shine collection.  the blue is called blue moon & has the prettiest shade of deep royal with a hint of green in it & the glitter is called kaleidoscope.  it isn't blue but i put 2 layers on top of 1 layer of the blue.  i just did the ring finger in glitter & it turned out so pretty.  yes, claudia, it's my glitter accent nail i talked about on pinterest one day.  :o)

day 134: tues 5/15 no pic :o(

day 135: wed 5/16
hopp was being such a good girl at the shoe store in the mall that i let her ride one of the cars right outside the shoe store.  :o)  she was the happiest little girl in the world right at that moment, these are the moments that i wanted to record & why i started this blog.  look at that sweet face, could she smile any bigger?!?

day 136: thurs 5/17 no pic again...

day 137: fri 5/18
it's field day at school, i did her hair in a mini braid & then added the long braid to the big pony.  :o)

look at that stance!  she is getting so big!!!  i think that is her fave shirt, kitty with headphones & it's sparkly.  :)
after field day & then lunch they had their awards ceremony.  she had really cute little awards for each kiddo that was a different candy bar.  q got the "milky way" award.  she loved it & i guess had never had a milky way.  she loved it so much she said she wants a milky way everyday!  yeah right!!!  ;)

q wanted to give everyone a thank you card in her class for being her friend but i came up with friendship bracelets (of course the idea came from pinterest, here's the site for my idea), i will post all of them in week 21 but we started working on them friday evening.  i found an easy 5-strand braid & she caught on really quickly.  this was the first one she did all by herself!

close up of the braid you can find the video here, it's really easy & the young lady that teaches you is very thorough & cute!  :o)

day 138: sat 5/19
after going to a crazy i just happen to see in the paper's listings for a daybed, a wooden one at that, that i have been waiting for, for over a month or two, & it was only $35 for the day bed & the trundle!!!!!  ok, i'm done rambling, we headed to the park.  it was early so it was beautiful with the sun out & the air had a crisp chill to it.  i say perfect morning!  i love this pic of hopp's hair with sunlight caught in it.  what a little angel!!!

q & i finally talked hopp off the swings, it's all she wants to do anymore at the park!  i caught them coming down, i slowed them down just enough to catch this pic, look at the happiness on q's face.  omg, she loves her sisters!!!

and slow enough to catch this one too.  love those cheesy little smiles!!!  yep that's morning hair, didn't even take the time to really fix their hair, but who cares?  not me, saturdays are for fun not fussing with hair!!!  :o)

now that i'm caught up maybe i can get next weeks in time.  :o)  have a great week & 3 day weekend, & don't forget to thank a veteran or active service man/woman for all they have & will be doing for us!!! 


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