Friday, May 4, 2012

finished project!!!

this thing has been in the works for months!  it wasn't complicated at all, in fact, it's something i can usually get done in about 3 days to a week tops!  i've been in a crochet funk for about 3 mths now.  not for sure why i'm in one... i'm really irritated with my funk, i'm ready for it to be over with!!!!  any suggestions on how to get over it?

ok, enough with boring talk...  here it is!

a new blanket for lil miss g! 
 isn't her bedding gorgeous?!?  her mom made the quilt, the flamingos are fuzzy!  this is one of the cutest baby bedding sets i've ever seen!  i used all the caron simply soft yarns on this blanket.  the pink is watermelon, purple is grape (i believe), the green is lime & i'm not for sure the blue but it's a bright teal/aqua blue.  i'm so glad it matched, i only saw a picture of the bedding once & knew i needed to get that caron yarn!!  :)

this is a pic of mine (right) & one her grandmother made too (left).  crazy, we used the same yarn!!!  isn't that great?!? 

well, that's my fof for the week.  check out tami's amis for more amazing finished works of art & also if you are interested in the handmade pay it forward let me know, it would be so much fun!!!


Kathleen said...

Oh my gosh, that flamingo quilt! It's fabulous, and the (also fabulous, I really love the stitch texture and colours and great edging...) one you made goes with it perfectly!

Minding My Own Stitches said...

Yes, watermelon ABSOLUTELY. It's an awesome blanket. Well done!

HillyT said...

What a beautiful blanket, I would never have thought to put those colours together but they look amazing and go perfectly with that lovely quilt. As for the crochet funk, I solved mine by not crocheting at all for a fortnight and then making something totally different to anything I had made before (a shawl in my case in yarn with sequins). I hope you find a solution soon.

stephanni :] said...

thanks ladies! i'm just seeing that you commented. stupid email is not updating on my phone & i don't get on my real computer at all on the weekends. :o)

hilly, i think i may wait a bit longer. i did get a new hat order so i may do that & then just put everything away for a while. maybe putting it all up so i don't see & then pulling it out again in a couple of weeks will get me excited again. :o)