Friday, August 10, 2012

fo friday :o)

ok, here they are!  i have 2 fos for you guys today.  a blanket i've put on hold way too many times is finally done & a super-dee-duper fun crochet request.  :)

here it is in all it's glory, well folded glory.  :]  it's a granny stripe blanket with the blue & grey colors for the detroit lions & i finished it off with a plain hdc border.  they love it!  it was a request from a friend of mine that is having her first grandbaby.  :)  it's going to be perfect when it gets cold. 

isn't this super cute?  what is it?...  my friend maria gets these for her kiddos & i mean they are giant!  her youngest couldn't finish it due to his hands freezing so i made him a popsicle holder.  see what i mean by a fun crochet?  :o)  this is one of my instagram photos.  if you would like to follow me my name is stephannis.  :o) 
i hope all of you have a fabulous friday & don't forget to check out tami's amis for other great finished objects.  :)


Contessa said...

The granny stripe blanket is so, so pretty! How long did it take you to complete that??

Also, the popsicle holder is a great idea! :) I love the colors, too.

stephanni :] said...

sorry, i'm just getting back to you contessa! it took me quite a while to finish only because stuff kept coming up that needed to be done sooner. i would say that i could have finished it in less than 5 days had i worked on it only. faster if i started & did this on a weekend. i work 40 hours a wk so this is just a hobby. :)

the popsicle holder was made from lily yarn, it was part of the pop modern colors, i think that was the name of the line. it came out last year i believe.

thanks for your comment! :o)