Thursday, August 9, 2012

366 days of photos week 31

wow!  can you believe it's already August?!?  crazy!  well the summer is winding up for the girls & everyone is getting anxious to start school.  :o)  here's what last week was like, **shocker**, i have at least one pic for each day!!!

day 208: sun 7/29

we went swimming at one of our local pools & the girls had a blast!  they were hugging in the water in this pic.  they are so lovey-dovey, i love it!!!  :)

i love this pic of q in action jumping in the pool.  it looks like she is flying.  :o)

day 209: mon 7/30
a zombie family.  i love these car decals.  i think i may have jason interested in getting one.

day 210: tue 7/31
i received 2 free products in the mail to review with expo, i love free products.  this one is my hair dye.  i love, love, love, love the color!!!  if i can get a good pic i will change my profile.  if you want to join expo go here.  the only thing i really don't like is that i have to post a video & i'm so stiff!  anyone have any tips to loosen up on camera?

my lil pumpkin has been having breathing issues again due to stupid allergies.  luckily we haven't had to give many this week but last week we were doing 2 per day.  :o(  she is such a good girl though.  she even tells me she needs one.

day 210: wed 8/1

ready for the day!  look how cute they are all dressed up with their hair all purdy.  :o)

this is a house across the street from my MIL, it was needing a huge outside makeover & they finally did it.  they scraped off all the old paint & re-painted it white & the shutters got a hot pink do-over.  it's so cute!  i know, hot pink is usually not a house color but how can you not love this cuteness?!?  look how cute the house #s are.

almost done, worked on the border & it was my wip wednesday.  if i can't get my wip up on the blog you can usually catch it on my crochet fb page here.  come like my page & get all the updates, i'm trying hard to be more active on the page!

day 212: thurs 8/2
breakfast for dinner.  this was my hubby's pancake, gf pancakes with lil smokies!  he loves them in his pancakes, just need to figure out how to get it to not seem undone in the middle.  the juices from the sausages make it a little soggy.  maybe not so many at a time?

day 213: fri 8/3
this is my fo for friday.  it turned out so pretty.  it's a shell stitch blanket with a couple of rows of hdc border with a picot stitch to finish off the border.  i sent it off the other day, she is about to have her baby in a couple of days.  :o)

better pic of the border

my shells, color is a little dark...

that's right!  baby octopus "salad".  ummmm, no thanks!

day 214: sat 8/5
my lil chickens!  so beautiful!  we got to all hang out for a little bit on saturday morning.  i love my chicken time.  :o)

i hope you all have a great rest of the week & i hope i can get an fo up tomorrow.  i have a couple of fo's to share with you guys.  if not come check out my fb page.

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