Monday, August 13, 2012

366 days of photos week 32

day 215: sun 8/5
was looking at the asian sauces & saw this one.  made me laugh, that's what the hubby calls me.  :o)

day 216: mon 8/6
all snuggled up with violet :)

day 217: tues 8/7
a different pic of the fo i showed last friday.  i wasn't for sure which one i wanted to use for the fo pic, this one didn't make the cut but i like the way it shows everything.

day 218: wed 8/8
my fun crochet item, once again.

look at that sweet face!  love her!!!
a proof of jess' real senior pics.  so grown up!!!  :o)

day 219: thurs 8/9
thought this was so cute, could probably recreate fairly easy.

day 220: fri 8/10
saw this the other day & it made me laugh.  i know some people that were much happier "shacked up" & were together longer that way.  they got married & then they got divorced.  not for sure what changed but i don't see anything wrong with shacking up.  just my personal opinion though. 

lil princess with her barbie hair.  :o)

day 221: sat 8/11
took this while all the girls were helping out with q's car wash fundraiser.  we even got hopp to participate.  she was a pretty good wheel/rim scrubber.  :)

after the fundraiser we went home & ate & got ready for q's first salon hair cut.  this is not her first hair cut but her first true salon cut.  she thought she was so big.  the lady did a great job & i think it's quite a bit shorter but what matters is that q is ok with it.  she says she can't tell a difference but i sure can.  we cut about 3-4" of dead hair off the bottom. :o)

well, i hope you all had a great week.  

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