Friday, August 17, 2012

fo friday!!!

happy friday y'all!!!  time to show off those pretties made!  :o)

today i have a hat & a lovey for everyone today.  i made a baby gift for a former co-worker.  she asked me a couple of months ago for a hat & i made her a bonus gift.  :o)

i used bamboo spun, i swear this is the softest yarn!  it's a chunky 4 so it makes for faster blankets. 
i used easy makes me happy, monkey hat pattern for the hat.  this pattern is perfect for all hats & it's really cute if you make the actual monkey hat.  i made the lovey by using ambassador crochets pattern.  i hope you all have a great friday & check out all the other fos at tami's amis.


Minding My Own Stitches said...

Mmm, a baby blanket in bamboo spun ... sounds heavenly!

stephanni :] said...

omg, it's fabulous yarn! it's a must make, was thinking of making a big blanket out of it for me. i just wished they had bright colors. i like the muted colors but i really prefer the brights. i did notice that they came out with a couple new colors so maybe soon they will have some brights. :o) it's expensive though so i will definitely need to use coupons at hobb lobb when i purchase it. :o)

thanks for stopping by! :)

Kathleen said...

That yarn looks amazing---it holds the stitch texture really well and also looks wonderfully squishable. :D Great colours, too, not so traditionally "baby." Definitely an awesome gift all around.