Tuesday, August 21, 2012

366 days of photos week 33

on to another week! 

day 222: sun 8/12
this is what happens when you fake it & then you actually fall asleep!

day 223: mon 8/13
afternoon snack

day 224: tues 8/14
swim day always make you tired & SILLY!  she thought it was hilarious that she put her backpack on her head with the strap under her chin.  :o)

day 225: wed 8/15

it's the middle of august, guess i better change the calendar!!!

it's nana & diddy night again!  reading a book to the girls after dinner, that nana is really SPECIAL!!!  :o)

sorry, forgot to turn on the flash.  this was my late night snack last night.  some cheeseburger stax with a woodchuck granny smith hard cider.  i think that angry orchard is my fave hard cider so far.  they are naturally gf so i can have them.  :o)

day 226: thurs 8/16
finished this right after midnight.  it's a newborn beanie with ear flaps & braided ties.  underneath the hat is a lovey.  i made them both out of bamboo spun, that stuff is awesomely soft!!!  best stuff to make hats & blankets out of!

baby car is almost drivable now.  her got a new set of eyes!  :o)  next week is license week!!!  YIKES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

homemade beenie weenies or as hopp calls them binna winnas.  :o)  we had them for dinner last night at my MIL's & then i had the stuff to make my own for lunch today.  i used bush's baked beans (vegetarian style) & nathan's hotdogs.  it was soooo good.  super easy meal & the kiddos (and the mommas) love it!!!  nathan's are THE BEST HOT DOGS!!!  if you have not bought them because they are a little pricey you are missing out!  they are well worth the price.  :o)

look how pretty this sweet face is!!!

day 227: fri 8/17

silly faces of hopp!  she is such a nut.  this is just a few of the pics i took while trying to get 1 or 2 good smiling faces.  what a ham!
omg!  this one cracked me up!

day 228: sat 8/18

we had a garage sale for q's jump rope team.  they are the neon twisters & an actual usa jump rope team.  we are trying to raise all the money to send everyone to long beach cali!  how fun will that be & since she is so young, guess what that means!!!  i get to go! i get to go! i get to go!!!!  :o)  this pic is just a few of the items we were selling.

i tried luring the ladies on my fb page saying these items were begging for pinterest projects...  it didn't work because we still had them at the end of the garage sale.  i would have taken the lamp table thing home but i would have been sleeping outside!  jason specifically said not to bring any crap in the house.  ;)
well that's it for the week.  i hope you all had a great week & i will see you maybe tomorrow with a wip.  :o)  oh & btw!  they ended up making over $700 for their trip!!!!  isn't that awesome!!!


Christine Moore said...

When did the girls get so dang big?!

stephanni :] said...

i know, crazy huh?!?