Friday, August 31, 2012

366 days of photos week 34

day 229: 8/19 sun  no pic today

day 230: 8/20 mon
was getting the baby car inspected & hopp was so good & played with the little toy section the whole time.  it doesn't hurt that there was a play tea set, that's all a girl needs to keep her busy for about 15-20 minutes.  :o)

YUCK!!!  dont' put your mouth  on the toys!!!!  i was freaking out but hey, what are you going to do, they all do it.  :o)

day 231: 2/21 tues
this came in as a little trinket from one of the many companies that send stuff to the station.  i immediately went all dirty minded on it.  yes this is how it came in the mail with some shrink wrap on it!  :o)

q spent the night with nana & we let hopp sleep with us, we sent her to bed before we went & when we went to bed this is what we saw, a sweet sleeping little angel! 

day 232: 8/22 wed

watching a movie with my chicken nuggets & q fell asleep.

was suppose to be my fof for last week but i couldn't let sarah see, i had made this for her sweet lil aikman for his bday.  :o)  such a little slut, my little model, i need to find a way not to get her boobs in the pictures.  holy shit, this is a children's toy!  why does she need boobs & a slutty look.  i guess barbie has always had boobs but not a cropped shirt & a sassy, come get me look!  you can tell i'm a mom.  :o)

day 233: 8/23 thurs
meet the teacher night!  she was so excited!

  day 234: 8/24 fri

last day for hopp's day care lady, she retired.  hopp would always ask her, "nanny you are going to be 'tired?".  we got her a gift card to her favorite store & a card.  look how cute hopp's little signature is, she gets at the 2 p's & can't stop making them.  :o)  we sure are going to miss nanny!

day 235: 8/25 sat
this was a huge day for us, first up clean the garage OUT!!!
yes, this is what my garage looked like, i'm embarrassed & had enough of it! 

now look at it!!!!  it still needs a couple of touch ups & we need a garage sale to get rid of a bunch of it but holy cow, it looks so good!!!  i'm so proud of myself & still sore & tired!  :o)  it took almost 4 hrs to get it done!!!

it was aikman's part time & poor aikman, he got a tummy virus & they had to cancel the party.  i still went by & gave them his hat & sarah gave us the party favors.  it was avenger/superhero themed & they got masks.  q was tired & put her mask on & then fell asleep!  it was so cute.

she also made these super cute superhero capes with their initials in avengers fabric!  i have curly supergirls!!!

the supergirls in their masks.

sorry for the delay, it has been a craaaaaaazy week with work & by the time i get home i'm so exhausted!!!  i hope you all had a great week & i think i will have an fof up here in just a bit.  i have first day of school pics for next week.  see you guys soon again.  :o)

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