Tuesday, November 22, 2011

busy, busy, busy!!!

i'm getting excited for several things...

1.  it's almost time for HAM, yes i said ham.  i dislike turkey so i get excited for the ham.  :o)  i've been craving, no i'm not preggers, salty stuff & ham is right up my alley. 

2. i get off early tomorrow & i have thurs/fri off so i'm super stoked about that. 

3. the craft fair is next WEEKEND!!!!  i'm so nervous but super excited as well.  i'm going to use the extra time off to make & finish a bunch of stuff for the cf.

here are some pics from the park i took this weekend of the girls

hopp & jess on the swings, i took several of them & i wanted to show you the super cute ones.  she the pimp mobile aka princess carriage behind jess?  ;)

so cute, love that face on hopp & it's a really pretty smile on jess

awwwww, kisses

hopp loves her big sis.  look at the chin(s)  :D 

the creek is dry so we went exploring under the bridge but not too far because it got real muddy & nasty on the other side.  here q is cheesin' with jess.  look how beautiful they are!  i am so blessed with beautiful girls!
funny story about q, while i was pushing hopp on her own swing, q was playing on the playground equipment & i hear, "mommmmmy", i see her hands on the monkey bars but can't see her face or body.  i yell back, "i see you", she says mommy a little louder this time & i say i still see her & then i hear the trouble in her voice.  she starts yelling my name & i can hear she is upset.  i then hear her screaming my name & then the tears, the yelling caught my attention so i moved so i could see her fully & by this time, the screaming & crying started.  i was walking toward her in a semi-fast pace to get to her & was telling her to let go & she was in full-on panic mode.  i was trying not to laugh but it was so cute, i had not seen this emotion on her before & she wasn't in real danger & i was trying to get to her. i kept saying, "just jump, let go qeylee, you are fine", she kept saying, "i can't".  right as i got to her, this only lasted about 10-15 seconds but seemed like minutes, she couldn't hold on any longer & just dropped.  then i was concerned she hurt her wrist because instead of just landing on both feet she landed on all fours.  she was totally fine, no splinters from the mulch, just sore on the palms for holding on so long.  i comforted her & told her not to do it again today.  we then went exploring under the bridge & then left shortly after.  it was time for lunch & then a nap before we headed to a bday party for super cute sadie.  it was nightmare before christmas themed!  so cute!  we had a good time at the party & then went to nana's so i could get some sane time at home to do whatever.  :)  all in all it was a great weekend.

have a great day & hopefully i will have time to post a wip tomorrow.  are you excited as i am about thanksgiving?  oh did i mention my sister & her family are coming down & we are, of course, watching the a&m game that evening with them.  i miss her so & wish we were as close when we were little as we are now.  i really enjoy her now.  :o)

oh yeah, we went & cashed in cans saturday & we had lots of cans & made $7!  thanks to all my gracious friends for helping me show q how you can make money & how we need to save for what we want.  i will have a total soon of what we have currently in the savings jar.  :)


Ginger said...

High five on ham!!! Can't stand turkey either. I just read several of your posts and I just love all your hats you've made. What a talented lady you are!!!

stephanni :] said...

thanks ginger! have a great ham day. :)