Tuesday, November 1, 2011

halloween stuffs

saturday we went to a friend's house & had a great pumpkin party, it was a lot of fun.  we ate snacks & the kids watched charlie brown's great pumpkin (well sort of, it was more like throwing popcorn around & running around the popcorn)  :o) and when it was over they played & then we did a pumpkin craft.  it was loads of fun & each kiddo got to make 2-3 pumpkins decorated just how they wanted. 

q working on her pumpkins

hopp's pumpkins, i guided just a little bit but she did pretty much all of it.  :)
thanks to pinterest, i have found new ways to do my nails.  i should have used tape so that they would have been more uniform with the glitter polish, but i think it turned out pretty good for my first time.   they aren't black though, they are a deep purple.  i did this on sunday morning while all the girls were gone.

then we went trick-or-treating last night.  we haven't hit up any festivals yet just because they are both so little & they are super busy & i get really worried about big kids pushing (without knowing).  well we did the school thing but it's not as busy as some of the church festivals in town.

here are the butterflies, they were tired, didn't really want to pose, as you can see they aren't really looking at me...

my mil did their makeup & had the wings.  they were so excited & had lots of fun.

we went to a friends work that had a couple of games & a bouncy castle & then some candy & goodies first.  we then went to a co-workers house & they did a big production with a haunted house in their garage.  was really fun but no one scared us because they were little.  they had this guy in a box, he was really creepy & he moved & that frightened hopp but since i was with her i was able to keep her going.  :)  we then walked down their street & then came home & walked our sad neighborhood.  hardly anyone participates in our hood, i think because a good majority are older people.  but it was perfect for us & then we came home & turned our light on & handed out candy out of the huge bag of candy i bought at sam's yesterday.  it was a perfect night!

i hope everyone had a great halloween as well.  see you tomorrow with my wips.  :o)


crystal said...

glad to hear the girls had such a good time. they look so cute in their costumes.

your nails look really pretty!

stephanni :] said...

thx crystal, my right hand is horrible looking. :)