Monday, November 28, 2011

this weekend

sorry, no turkey day pics.  i always forget to get pics, i get wrapped up in the family & festivities that i forget. 

we did have lots of fun the last few days so here are some pics that i took starting on wednesday..
it was just me & q until it was time to pick up hopp so we decided to go have some froyo.  i always get the peanut butter with the chocolate mixed.  i tryed the salted caramel but didn't really care for it plus, i didn't realize it until after i tried it, it is NOT gf so i couldn't eat it even if i liked it.  i also let q have the italian wedding cake flavor & then realized it wasn't gf either but it didn't bother her this time, thank goodness.  this was her enjoying her non-gf froyo.  :)

we then when & checked out our new big lots store.  they moved & it's so nice!  however there was this lady, pictured above & she had humongo hair!  it was so teased & huge that you could actually see through her hair.  she was probably in her 60s or 70s so i'm sure she has had this style for quite some time & possibly more hair at one point so it wasn't so see through at a younger age.  she was tiny too so her head was about the size of a small child.  it was so strange & i couldn't really take one from the front, wish i could have gotten one from the side.  i also saw that big lots had those funny someecards calendars with all those great super funny pics from pinterest.  totally thought of my friendscrystal & sarah.  :)  totally not work appropriate or i would have so bought one.  :)

so i lied, i did have pics from turkey day.  just not of the food or other family.  diddy, my fil, put q in the tree, she was feverishly trying to climb it but with a dress it was impossible to get knee traction without tearing up your knees.  so here she is, q in the tree.  sorry for the bad shadows but can you say super cheesin'?

of course hopp had to get in on the tree action.  :)

we watched captin america on friday, pretty good movie.  on another thought.  we have seen thor, that's pretty good too.  xmen was good as well.  i think the new avenger movie is going to be good too.  anyone know who all the avengers are besides, CA & thor?  i saw a lady but wasn't for sure who she was.  we have also seen bridesmaids & horrible bosses, both super funny, definitely not kid appropriate but i'm sure you already know this. 

then had a successful trip to the laundromat, for the comforter, yesterday.  thankfully no shenanigans happened.  i've always wondered what the soap dispenser looked like so i took a pic.  only got the soap dispenser so i'm not for sure what the bleach or fabric dispenser looks like, this is on the triple/quad load washers.  so now you guys know too.  :o)

last night after hitting up the grocery store it was time to warm up with a nice cup of hot cocoa.  got a huge box with marshmallows for $3 at big lots.  now i normally wouldn't show you a pic like this but this one is a first & she looked so damn cute holding that mug.  she is FOR THE FIRST TIME, drinking out of a real ceramic mug, as a matter of fact this might be her very first hot cocoa ever!  isn't she just the cutest!!!  :o)
i can't believe it but it's only 5 days till my craft show!  yikes!!! got lots to do, hope i can get some sneak peeks to you soon.  i've finished a HUGE amt of wips so not for sure i will have everything to show.  happy monday, just think, it's almost over.  :o)

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Sarah said...

Precious pics! Hopp drinking her cocoa, sweet thing! Lmao at the calendar you saw there! And um, homegirl's problem is not too much teasing, it is lack of conditioner. Lol. I should talk with my 5 hairs on my head! I swear i will be bald by 39.