Monday, November 7, 2011

ugh, the choices!!!

since i'm doing the craft fair next month i better get me some business cards.  i ordered some stuff through vistaprint once & they are having a special on business cards so i'm going to order through them.  so i need help with some choices.

i like it but is it too busy?
i love this one because it's all black & the white text really stands out & i love buttons.  :)
i really like this one because there are 3 lollipops, i have a thing for 3's, 3 girls, 3 S's on my crochet fb/etsy page but i think people will think of sweets & not sweet crochet stuff

i was disappointed only because they have one with yarn but it's KNITTING!!!  so prejudice!!!  ;)  which ones do you like or do you have any other suggestions?  they have a ton of designs & really good prices.  :)

i changed my comments to the pop-up box so i'm hoping more of you can comment on my posts.  let me know if you still can't comment.


Sarah said...

I love the second and it has a button so has something to do with sewing right? The first is cute but does nothing advertising for you and I agree the 3rd is super sweet but I honestly thought oooh candy before I read your caption under it. I vote second!

Claudia said...

#2 it's the one that's closely associated with your "message"

stephanni :] said...

ok, ladies, i'm glad you like my fave choice as well. :) i'm ordering them today!

Lynet said...

yep, 2nd one! ;) good luck!