Friday, November 4, 2011

fof & week in hair

only one fo today, i'm making a friend some washcloths for their friend's new baby as a shower gift.  does that make sense?  ;)  sorry i missed you guys on wip wednesday, i forgot to take some pics & so i didn't have anything to post...

one washcloth a day.  :o)  she is having a girl so i made them all in girly colors.
 so for the week in hair, it's not anything new or fancy & i always ask but this is how they like it.  if i don't do something new, i may just have to change fridays to week in clothes or something that
monday, as you can see everyone is excited for halloween!  :)

tuesday, i love big bows on little girls.  :)

thursday, no pic for wednesday but it was pretty much the same as the days before.  look at the face on hopp!  ;)

friday, all our headbands are broke so they got the same style today, gotta love the bows!  :)  guess i need to get the girls some new headbands, hopp those them!!! 

i don't know if i told you guys but i'm officially going to do my first craft show!  i'm sharing a booth with a friend & we are going to get together tomorrow & do a mock set up in her garage since we are craft show virgins!  if it was just me, my booth would be hella' boring & i would maybe not get visitors.  thanks to christine for all these wonderful cute ideas!!!    :o)  i'm a little stressed because after i made the commitment with christine i got 6 hat orders!!!  this is awesome but i'm a little nervous about having enough stuff at my booth for purchasing.  i will do custom orders but i know that people like to get their hands on their purchases as soon as possible.  anywho, i hope you all have a great weekend & get lots of rest with that extra hour of sleep on sunday if you participate in daylight savings.  :) 

oh and if you are wondering i haven't gotten anymore done on my crochet-along.  :(  i really should have buckled down & got that thing done.  oh well, i will finish it just don't know when exactly....

as always head on over to tami's amis & check all the neat finished items. 


Chrisknits said...

You will get things done, just take it one day at a time. Good luck with the craft show!

Ginger said...

Where and when is the craft show?

stephanni :] said...

thanks for the encouragement! :)

ginger, the craft show is in Abilene at the first baptist family life center & it's on 12/3.