Friday, November 11, 2011

hair and my fo for the week

here is my fo for this friday, it's the baby owl hat i've been working on for that sweet new baby that's coming in this world today or tomorrow.  i hope jennie has a smooth & easy labor.  :)
sooooo cute!  can't wait to see it on the little cutie!

here is the hair for the week, i bought new headbands this weekend so that means lots of headbands.  i promise i keep asking if they want something else & they mostly say headband. 
monday, love that popeye look on hopp!  :) 

tuesday, i had 2 pics & one was looking at me the other was looking away & in each one it was a different kid looking at me, since i don't have a lot of hopp looking at me i chose this one.  :)  that look is of longing thoughts huh? 

wednesday, hopp was not in the mood so it's just cutie q posing for me  :o)

thursday, i love the high pony look with a bow, she specifically told me to do it high.  :)

friday, not much new but they are still so cute!!!  :)
happy friday/fof everyone, i'm needing this weekend so bad!  i feel so ragged but almost in a good way.  :)  i hope you all have a great weekend & will see you on monday unless i think about posting this weekend but i got lots of stuff to finish for the craft booth in a couple of weeks so i'm thinking i won't be posting sooner than monday.  head on over to tami's amis for all the beautiful fos.


SusanD1408 Crochet Addict said...

The owl hat looks fantastic. Hope the little one arrives safely!

stephanni :] said...

thanks susan! :o)

Affiknitty said...

Cute baby gift!

stephanni :] said...

thanks shannon! it's my own pattern but i made so many changes to it this time because the hat is sooooo tiny. :) i have been thinking about sharing the pattern but it would definitely use at your own risk due to inconsistencies. :o)

Underground Crafter said...

The hat is great!

stephanni :] said...

thanks uc! i appreciate the comment. :o)

Kathleen said...

I love owl hats, but have yet to make one, and yours is like, the cutest thing ever! I love the colours and those great braided ties and the way you did the ears/tassels. :D

stephanni :] said...

thanks kathleen, you know i love your little owls!

Sarah said...

Oh. Em. Gee. Steph! That is the most precious little thing I have ever seen! It came out perfect!! He will look so cute in it! I can't wait!