Thursday, November 10, 2011

thank you thursday

it's not like the posts you see on fb where you post your thankfulness daily, nope not it at all!  today q will be delivering her fundraiser stuff with a handwritten thank you note.  :o)  she doesn't know how to read or write words yet but what i did was write out the little note & she copied it in her own handwriting.  :)  we didn't have many to write so it wasn't so daunting on her but it was enough that i think she can write & recognize these words now: thank - you - for - your - order 

i took pics of her doing the notes

i wrote the note on the napkin & here she is with some already done & one in progress

here are 3 of them

last one!  all finished!!  :)
 they said, "Thank you for your order!  <3 Qeylee"  i had her draw a heart on the paper  :)

now on to something i have really started liking, chevrons.  they are so pretty, never thought of them before but i see them on pinterest all the time & they are in all different colors & variations.  this was outside an interior design business that is in the place as the coffee shop we do chat 'n craft nights.  it has 3 pumpkins stacked on top of it, it's such a cute fall decoration!  the top pumpkin is really weird, it's half green gourd half pumpkin, i know a pumpkin is a gourd too but the top is not a pumpkin shape or color.  it's very neat, i always like all the weird shaped pumpkins.  :o)

love this!!  i'm going to pin it too.  :)

this is for one of the wips i'm working on & i hope to have it as an fo tomorrow.  question is i like both eyes but can't decide which to use.  do you like the open eyes or the sleepy eyes?  it's for a new baby boy that's being born tomorrow or saturday, she is getting induced tomorrow evening.  :)  so exciting. 
open or sleepy?
i hope everyone is having a great day!  tomorrow is friday, doing the happy dance.  :)



Sarah said...

Those thank you's are precious! Great idea.

Omg, I love that design too! I found some chevron designs in different colors on Etsy for my nephew's room!

Cute hat. :) I think the open ones are maybe a little cuter but just barely. Both are super sweet. The littel closed eyes remind me a little of a baby girl with eyelashes. I know boys have them too lol but looks slightly more girly. Just my thought.

stephanni :] said...

that's exactly what jason said about the sleepy one, he said it was a little girly. i think since it's adrian's (hope i spelled that right) i will make the open eyes, can't wait to show you tomorrow. :o)

Chrisknits said...

I like the sleepy eyes! Good for her, learning to write thank you notes is a manner I neglected to teach my kids. Need to correct that. I love the pumpkin tower!!!

stephanni :] said...

chrisknits, i never can find your name, i'm guessing chris? i'll call you ck. :o)

yes, i started doing this with q, jess is older & i never did this with her but she will be doing this in the future, she just did a t-shirt fundraiser so she will be writing thank you notes very soon, better late than never right?!? my friend claudia is the one that reminded me that thank you notes are still needed AND wanted. everyone likes thank you notes right? thanks claudia for reminding me of this. love you!!! :)

crystal said...

Q looks so cute writing her thank you notes. You're such a good Mom, Steph! I would have never even thought of doing anything like that.

Personally, I think closed owl eyes are cuter.

stephanni :] said...

crystal i think we like the closed eyes because we have girls. :)

i will definitely be making some with the sleepy eyes in the girly colors. i'm going to charge big for them at the craft fair because they are hella tedious in getting everything straight & i'm super anal about getting all my stuff to look right on my crochet stuff. :)