Monday, July 9, 2012

366 days of photos week 27

can you believe we are in the second half of the year officially?  crazy huh?!?  so you know what that means... christmas is just around the corner!!! :o)  well while you think about that, how about some pics from this last week.  i'm on a roll! 

day 180: 7/1 sun
hopp being silly on the couch

this one is so funny, the look on her face when she flipped over.

day 181: 7/2 mon

tooth #4 for q!  look at those freckles!!!  love that face!!

day 182: 7/3 tues
we had a 4th of july celebration lunch at work & this is what i brought, even though it wasn't gf, i tried it & it was delish!!!  it's a poke cake & i got the recipe off betty crocker.  it's definitely a must try & you could use any jello for the "striped" coloring.  i'm definitely going to make this soon in the gf version.  oh & the frosting is cheesecake pudding & cool whip mixed together.  it's soooooo good by itself.  :o)

here are all the desserts.  the 3 layer cake on the left bottom corner & the dessert behind it, it was a captain america cheesecake, both won the desserts contest.  isn't the 3 layer cake gorgeous?!?

day 183 & 184: 7/4 wed & 7/5 thurs no pics...

day 185: 7/6 fri

holy cow!  that face!!!  she is so silly :o) this is what i'm getting when i ask for her to smile. 

day 186: 7/7 sat
i love that q is NOT afraid of creepy crawlers!  not for sure if you can tell what's in her hand but she had 3 baby frogs.  i think if you click on the pic & you can see them.  she was so happy!  we went to a family reunion about 10 minutes out of town & it was in the country & there are always tons of baby frogs when we go.  they were everywhere this year!  you had to watch where you stepped because they would just come out of the grass, they were so cute!  i even got hopp to look at one, she wasn't going to touch it though. 

on the way back home, both q & hopp fell OUT!  :o) i thought it was funny that hopp had on jason's hat.  look how sweet that little face is!!!

well that's it for this week.  i hope everyone has a great week!

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