Sunday, July 8, 2012

nrh2o trip

nrh2o is a water park in the dfw area. it's like schlitterbahn but on a much smaller scale. it's awesome, especially if you have little kids. i always enjoy our time when we go & this year we got to take hopp. the first year we went hopp was about 9mths old & had tubes in her ears or we would have taken her. i can't believe we didn't go last year. here are a couple of pics, starting with the hotel stay the night before...

i think hopp was psyching out q because this girl does NOT get her face wet!!!  she gets pissy!!!  :o)

isn't this the cutest?!? 

i love this face!  she is laughing really hard & at the silly faces & noises q was making every time she would come up for air...

this, is how hopp rolls!!!  just give her a corner to post up in & she is cooler than the other side of the pillow!!!  ;)

now here for the water park, now i didn't get many pics & i'm sorry but i was having such a good time with the girls & out in the water that i didn't bring my camera with me...

hahahaha, q got hopp in the face...  this was their most favorite spot of all the water park, well except for maybe that pink slide, even hopp loved it but the line was so long to ride.

synchronized spout diversions :o)

pure happiness!!! cheers, good day at the water park!!!  :o)

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