Monday, July 16, 2012

366 days of photos week 28

day 187: 7/8 sun
i seriously can't remember what we were doing this day but don't they look so cute all sistered up :o) 

day 188: 7/9 mon no pics...

day 189: 7/10 tues
gf pancakes for dinner & i got my first blood ovum!  i think that is what it's called.  ok, i'm excited because i had never experienced one before & i had watched a show over a year ago with alton brown & he said that this happens in about every 100 eggs laid.  in my entire 36 yrs, well less because i didn't make eggs as a baby, i have never seen one & nobody i know, well has admitted to, has either.  are any of you had one?  i used the egg, just took out the little ovum.  they are harmless & tasteless.  my pancakes tasted just fine.  :o)

day 190: 7/11 wed
dinner with nana & diddy.  the usual after-dinner activities, both girls in diddy's lap, one of them playing bubble shoot on his phone.  hopp is usually the first one in his lap.  :o)  they looooooove their diddy!!!

day 191: 7/12 thurs
i'm going to start out telling you the story of my att live internet chat, i couldn't get my 3g to work, my phone supports 4g but we don't have 4g in our area yet....

he asks about my phone software...

i crack a joke & he ignores it or so i thought...

conversation continues, strictly technical until i try to crack another joke...
 OMG!  really?!?  he either has no sense of humor & was immune to my internet charms or he is such a nerd he never got it!  i'm going to take option #2.  :o)

caught my eye, the birds on the wire, not for sure why, it just did.  i like it.  :o)

day 192: 7/13 fri
it's friday the 13th & it was dress crazy day.  this is what we came up with.  funny, about 5 kids showed up wearing some kind of tye-dyed article of clothing...  i guess that means if you wear tye-dyed clothing on a regular day it means you are officially crazy!!!  :o)

jess came home from church camp & i picked hopp on the way to get her & then brought them to work with me for the last hour.  they found the dress up headgear & we took these pics...  my monkey & mouse

the marx sisters, hopp wasn't too for sure about this one because of the hair by the mouth/nose area.  :o)

the train engineer & the princess.  :)  hopp has on a super fake smile.  not for sure if i caught her at the wrong moment or if she was tired of smiling...

ladies & gentlemen, this is why we must have an education!  i don't think they are selling internet fries so they misspelled potato!!!!  there is NO "e" at the end of potato!!!!!!!!  this was at a bk restaurant & it has been like this for almost a month & it bothers me EVERY TIME i pass it!  i think i may call the mgr to have them fix it.  the worst part is that there is signage on the window that says Sweet Potato Fries, with no "e" on the end.  maybe i should give them the benefit of the doubt & maybe mr dan quayle made a celebrity appearance & did the sign...  ;)

day 193: 7/14 sat no pics...

i hope you all had a great weekend!!!  see you soon.

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