Wednesday, July 25, 2012

366 days of photos week 29

i really slacked this last week, i apologize, i will work harder for you guys.  :)

day 194: 7/15 sun  no pic today...

day 195: 7/16 mon
cute new glitter button for the gladiator sandals for pippa

 day 196: 7/17 tues no pic today...

day 197: 7/18 wed
this was my wip wednesday item but i didn't get to post it.  it was sandal 1 finally finished.  it took 3 tries to get the fit right but finally i got it.  :o)

day 198: 7/19 thurs
just another day on the phones.  my 1hr shift includes 4 stations of tv to watch.  :o)

day 199: 7/20 fri
pippa's finished sandals.  aren't they cute?!?  not for sure i will make another pair, they weren't too hard to make just harder to fit the babies when their legs are chunkier.  i love me some chunky leg babies!  :o)

day 200: 7/21 sat
went to the craftapalooza with nana & the girls.  i'm thinking of doing a booth but only if christine will do it with me again.  it's a lot of work for one person!  q told hopp to sit like a mermaid, she got it half right.  :o)

suckers always get in the way when you are trying to kiss your sister.  :)

q left with nana after we had lunch so hopp & i went home & took a nap & then hit up pippa's party.  she loved the layered dip they made in little cups.  sarah is so creative & had really cute decorations.  she had this wonderful pink punch with strawberries in it & striped paper straws and mason jars for everyone to drink out of.  we didn't get to stay long but we really enjoyed it.  :)


Claudia said...

I shoulda taken a picture of Hopp's but in the air . . . and I almost did, just so you'd have it! :)

stephanni :] said...

oh i know! she did it the next night to. :D how cute is that?!? she loved staying at your house & was so proud & told everyone!! :)