Tuesday, July 17, 2012

all about jess; the senior pictures edition

WOW!  i can't believe that i'm old enough to have a SENIOR in high school!!!!  even more so i can't believe my BABY is a senior!!!  where does all the time go & man is she beautiful!  i know i don't post much about her but she has a life & isn't always around when we go on kiddie sonic saturdays or other times when i'm snapping pics of the littles.  she is working or with the church group.  you know how the life of a teen is.  she is one busy girl!  anyways, while she was in dallas with her dad this summer, they got some senior pics made.  apparently they didn't have her letter jacket quite ready for the pics so they are going to do some more fall pics with her letter jacket.  here are my favorites out of the bunch...

and this one is my favorite! 

what can i say?  i guess i'm one of those normal people that make gorgeous children.  :o)


Claudia said...

She's gorgeous!

Kathleen said...

She is beautiful. (And it must really be craaaazy to have your baby an almost-high-school-senior! I can't even imagine. I feel like I just got out of high school five minutes ago, even though it's been---eek---ten years.)

What a cool senior photoshoot, too, I love the blue-painted chair being brought into the natural setting.

stephanni :] said...

thanks claudia! :)

i love the chair too kathleen, i love the color of the chair mostly though. :)

i'm super excited because this year they went retro & did the shoulder wrap senior pics, those will be in the yearbook. i'm still trying to figure out when they stopped doing that... do you remember the big feather wraps? :o)

Sarah said...

Goodness that is crazy to see! I can't believe how grown up she is either. She is gorgeous, that is for sure! I remember when you were in the hospital having Qeylee and Jess stayed the night with us and we took her to school the next morning--elementary school! Insane.

If I get an invite to that graduation I am going to have to ask that you color it with red and blue markers. ;)