Tuesday, July 31, 2012

366 days of photos week 30

here's to another week passed, hope yours was good too.  :o)

day 201: 7/22 sun  no pics...

day 202: 7/23 mon
had a going away lunch for one of my sales reps & i wrapped her gift in an old & i mean like 5yr old contracts.  they are from an old dinosaur printer we use to use, anyone remember dot matrix printers???

day 203: 7/24 tues
working on that baby blanket for jason's cousin.  these are the actually yarns i'm using.  :)

day 204: 7/25 wed
this was the wip when wednesday started

this is what it looked like by the time i went to bed.  not much progress but better than no progress huh? :o)

day 205: 7/26 thurs no pics again

day 206: 7/27 fri

don't you love when you get a mistery problem with software?  this is what i texted to my IT guy letting him know i had a problem first thing in the morning.  they are AWESOME & always get my shit working.  :]  like my computer background.  it's kinda dark but it's all my girls.

day 207: sat 7/28

hopp posing with her sonic cup.  it looks huge but i swear it's just a medium! 

jess got ahold of my phone & took a self pic.  :o)

not for sure if you can see, but the girls were hanging out at the bottom of the slide, see the feet hanging over the side?  :o)  now if you look to the left, you will see hopp on the other side of the slide, she was pouting because of something silly.  not even for sure what.  she is such a drama queen!  :o)

well that's it for this last week!  have a great one.  i will try to post a wip tomorrow.


Kathleen said...

ksfjasl Dot matrix printers!! I do remember those, and using the old contracts as wrapping paper? Awesome.

stephanni :] said...

i can still hear the printer!!! we trashed it so many years ago & i still remember that sound! i saw one dumped on the highway one day & it made me laugh. :o)