Friday, October 28, 2011

fof, wk in hair & something really GROSS!!!

i finished that black beanie & it's nothing special & i forgot to take a pic but it's DONE!!!  i actually undid the whole entire thing & re-worked it.  it was frustrating me beyond belief so it was just easier to redo it.

then here is the actual hk-ish hat i made for little lilli, it's her bday present so she won't get it until december but she will never see it on here.  :)  the ears are not exactly what i wanted so if you have a good kitty ear pattern let me know, q wants to be a cat for halloween & i may just make her ears.  :)

i love it so but i hated making it!!  it has long braided red ties :)

so for the week in hair...
monday, hopp was not happy to look at me but i got her anyway. 
after the pic was taken she was happy & got in the car...

tuesday, it is red ribbon week & we didn't have any camo for monday but we had cowboy boots for western day.  :)

wednesday, was red day & unfortunately i got called from the school stating q was throwing up at school so she didn't get to stay all day.  she is all good now.  :)  stupid stomach virus!!

thursday, was fave team day, didn't have a team shirt but i let her wear her old soccer shirt with a big #7 on the back, she was super excited.  sorry about pics so dark, it was sprinkling & dark & i had to take the pics with them in the car.

friday, school spirit day, she wore her overly huge bonham shirt with these silver lamé leggings.  it was so cute! 

something gross, i would say, view at your own discretion but i know most of you are mommys & if you haven't seen anything like this yet... you WILL!!!  :)  it was new dr day!  long story short, old dr has been blowing my concerns off for a while & i've had enough!  i love the new dr!   as i was talking to the young man about the girls & what is going on with them & why we were there, q put her arm around hopp & i noticed something weird about her finger.  i looked at it & FREAKED out!!!  i haven't seen it at all until this am!!!  i alerted the guy that we need to look at her finger, i knew what was going to happen, she heard me talk about it after i called jason when he left the room & she got really upset.  i have been telling her to quit biting her fingernails because she was going to get an infection & guess what?!?  mom is right once AGAIN!!!  i think she has learned a lesson so if you have a nail biter you may want to show the 2 pics below & then tell them that they poke it with a needle to drain & they have to painfully squeeeeeeeze all that gunk out!!!!  she said she won't bite her nails anymore, we will see....
from the side, this is what i caught a glimpse of

this is what i freaked about when i really looked at it!  yep, she had 2! yes 2 different shades of green under the skin!!!  it was so swollen & pink/red. 
i asked if it hurt & barely touched the pink part & she said no but then the dr asked her if it hurt & touched the infected part & she started crying.  i don't know what it looks like now, i had to unfortunately hold her legs down as the nurse held her body down & then the dr poked & squeezed.  she put ointment & a band-aid on it & i never got to see all the gross stuff or the wound after cleaned.  i kinda wish i could have, all that weird, nasty stuff is a little intriguing to me.  i know it's gross but as long as it's not on me, i don't mind watching, just don't ask me to watch a nose plastic surgery!!!  ;)

i hope everyone has a great weekend!  happy halloween see you soon.  :o)  don't forget to head over to tami's amis for other fos.


crystal said...

Sadie's a nail biter. I showed her the picture and told her about how Q cried and the needle and the squeezing. Didn't phase her. She asked me to poke her finger with a needle. :sigh:

stephanni :] said...

what a handful! your girls are so funny!! :)