Friday, December 16, 2011

ABCs of me!

i saw a post from betsy from the dainty daisy, love her crochet pattern and most are free!!!  :o)  i thought i would do this so some of you could learn a little about me.

A: amanda is my sister, she is 3yrs younger than me & we HATED each other growing up but now we love each other so much more than we ever even hated each other!  :)

B: birthday, it's my birthday this coming tuesday, i will be 36!  i'm proud of my age & never ashamed of it, i done a lot of living in my almost 36 years, some i wish i could have done differently but mostly wouldn't change a thing!

C: crochet, what else would it be?!?  i love it, been doing it for 2yrs now & hardly go a day or 2 without doing it.

D: data entry, this is one of my favorite things to do on the job!  i love sitting behind my computer just inputting info

E: etsy, another favorite place, just need to get up to speed on my page so maybe i can make some money

F: friends, i have 3 friends that i don't know how i lived so long without them!  love you maria, cristal & claudia!  not that my other friends aren't as special but i know that these three are the ones that will always drop ANYTHING for me when i need them the most.  i hope i can just return the favor!

G: glitter, you know what they say about glitter, "its the herpes of the craft world!"  but i seriously have a love affair with glitter

H: hopper, my sweet, sassy, silly youngest child.  she is such a handful but is always so funny.  she keeps me & the hubby in stitches.  oh & she has been calling our electric sex lights on the tree "the girls"  she gets so excited when we turn "the girls" on.  see what i mean?  she is hilarious!

I:  icicles, they are so pretty in the winter time!  i love how they sparkle in the sun.

J: jessika, my kind-hearted teen.  she is 17 & is a junior in high school.  she is your typical teen with interests in boys, music & school.  she is a hard worker & super sweet.

K: knitting, i really want to learn how, just need to make the time to learn.  this is definitely going to be a 2012 resolution i swear i will do!

L: love, i'm a lover not a fighter.  i have so much love to give & get so much of it in return from my family & friends.

M: married, just celebrated our 10th anniversary with my hubby.  i can't believe it's been 10 years!  it doesn't seem like it's been that long!

N: nails, i love super cute nails, manis & pedis are the best! 

O: octopus, random i know but i'm loving all the artsy octopus stuff people are coming out with.  oh & don't forget about all those cute little owls that have become so wildly popular.  they are super cute too!

P: pinterest of course!  thanks to pinterest i have done things i would have never thought possible AND so many things on my to-do list, not for sure if i will finish or get to everything!  it's so much fun learning all the new things though.  i can't leave out pink either, it's my favorite color, doesn't matter the shade, i love all colors of pink.

Q: qeylee, this is my middle child. (pronounced keely)  she is the sensitive, outgoing, girly one.  they are all girly but she is my girly girl, hopp is giving her a run for the money though.  :)  she is very fair-skinned with the most beautiful freckles & ringlets! 

R: reality shows, yes, i love them!  i can't help it, the trashier the better!  ;)

S: stephanni, yep that's my name.  they wanted to spell my mom's middle name in my first name.  ann is her middle name.  i always tell people when they are spelling it, "2 n's, an i and no e"

T: tired, i'm always tired.  i never have energy, even when i use to frequent the gym & was smaller & went to bed at a decent hour, i always had low energy.  i guess it's a chemical thing.  maybe when i'm 80 the energy will kick in & i'll be a kick-ass old lady.  :)

U: urban dictionary, this is my go-to for all the naughty stuff i want to know about, i know a lot of naughty stuff but i'm still learning.  ;)

V: vegetables, i'm so picky that i don't eat a lot of these.  i'm getting better about trying stuff but i still can't do too many veggies.  i do like green beans, carrots, potatoes (i know it's more of a starch than a nutrient rich food), chopped spinach (in the can), peas on occasion, & corn on the cob but that's about it.  i've tried asparagus but i just can't do it!

W: wheat, something i can't eat anymore.  it's still an struggle staying away from this stuff but as each day passes it gets less & less of an issue.

X: x-men, not a huge fan but wouldn't it be awesome to have a super power?

Y: yarn, it's my current obsession!  have you seen the lion brand catalogs?  they are beautiful, i love the shelves full of beautifully arranged rainbows made of yarn, so yummy!

Z: zennias, they remind me of my nana.  we use to plant them in her big cast iron planter in the summer, along with some type of flowering mossy flower thing. her cast iron planter looks like a witches brew thingy, it's HUGE!  sometimes when i go out there i just look to see if anything is growing in it.  :o)

i hope i can inspire some of you to do the same & learn maybe a couple of new things about you too.  :)


Sarah said...

Aww, sweet! I am so doing this after lunch lol and excuse me, become a huge fan of X-Men!

crystal said...

i'm going to do this. well, i intend to start it.