Wednesday, December 7, 2011

wip wednesday

i'm baaaaack!  :o)  i have one wip today, i'm working on q's teacher gift.  i gave her a questionnaire to send back to me so i know what to give her for holidays & her birthday.  she is really easy, she likes:

dr pepper
the color green
she collects crosses

super easy, huh?!?  :o)

so she will be getting a little of everything above for her xmas present from q.  as far as the green goes, i was shocked q actually knew she liked green, i asked her which green was her favorite & she insisted on kelly green, you know st patrick's day green.  :)  i was asking if she was for sure because there was a gorgeous light lime green & she said NO!  it's this color & pointed to the green.  so it's q's fault if she doesn't really like the shade of green i'm working with.  ;)

the one on the top left is fern & top right grass, i prefer the grass but the fern is pretty too but nope, the bottom one is the kelly green i'm working with.  :o)  i like it though just not as much as the other two choices.

so here it is, the wip for the week, ms. williams infinity scarf/cowl.  i figured since she is a kindergarten teacher it would be more appreciated if it didn't slip off her neck.  plus it's going to look gorgeous with a black or white dress/blouse.  crossing my fingers she loves it!
i'm about 3 rows in & should be finished tonight so i can get it ready to give to her, i would rather be way early for stuff like this than to be really behind & do it the night before.  plus i'm hoping to get some pics of it on a model before i give it to her.  it's my own pattern.  :o)  that big white thing is my hook i'm using!  it's a size P!  it reminds me of a tampon, hehehehehe.  i guess they should have made it in a better color.  ;o)

have a great hump/wip day & see you soon.  head over to tami's amis & check out all the other goodies in progress.  :o)


heather said...

I love infinity scarves! In fact, I've made a bunch lately as gifts and all have been really well received. Really like the color you are using and it looks so warm!

stephanni :] said...

thanks heather! I just finished it and I love it. I can't wait to get pics of it in better lighting and on a pretty lady. :o)