Wednesday, December 21, 2011

oh i forgot to tell you guys how proud i am of my jess

jess is in the criminal justice program/courses in high school as this is the choice of field she wants to go in when she goes to college.  her aspirations are to be in the FBI.  :o)  anywho, she went to competition back a couple of weeks ago & she gets to go to state to compete against all of the texas kids that made it through regionals.  here is what the school put on their website...

Criminal Justice

1st Place Criminal Foot Pursuit:  Dylan
2nd Place SWAT Extraction:  Brad, Evan, Jasmine, Levi, Zachary, Allce
2nd Place Forensic Investigation:  Ashley, Charrany, Cynthia
3rd Place Traffic Stop:  Deerrisha
3rd Place Obstacle Course-Females: Ashley
3rd Place Criminal Analysis:  Evan  Anthony
3rd Place Building Search:  Jessika, Dylan
i decided to take last names off because they are all minors & i don't know most of them. 

so proud of her!
she sent me a pic of her in her uniform, she thinks it's dorky.  :o)
so professional!  it reminds me of rotc.  :)


Sarah said...

That is awesome! So proud fo her. Love her socks too lol You go girl, FBI.

stephanni :] said...

you gotta have some color in that drab uniform. :) i don't know why she doesn't have her boots on, those things looked comfortable. they are nice combat boots, glad she gets to wear them more than once now. :)

crystal said...

she does NOT look dorky. she looks like a badass!