Tuesday, December 13, 2011

festive decorations

i finally decorated the tree with the girls on Sunday & now today, thanks to britt's help, i have my office decorated.

the window in front of my desk, that's my boss's office behind the blinds.  i made the granny tree garland, you may have seen it on the booth pics from the craft fair.  do you see my cute little mini giraffe i got last year?  i love him so much he is out all year round!  also the pic on the right before the yarn dandelions i made too, is my engagement pic from 10½ years ago.  :o)  i also love my santa with the long legs, isn't he just the cutest?!?

just a close up of the garland. :o)
how is everyone's decorating going?  i'm sure most of you are already done or are there some of you that wait forever to do anything? 

i'm really excited for this season!  last night was my christmas party it was nice but someone was not-so-nice & participated in the gift exchange & we were short one gift.  why do people do that?  and if i'm right it's that one person that's ALWAYS first in line to eat but NEVER contributes and takes a HUGE LOAD of food home!!!  did i mention they never contribute?!?  oh & they troll the offices for food...  WTF is wrong with you?!?  not you... the person that did that.  :)  anywho, i would try to say that whoever it was needed it more than anyone else but the problem is he/she doesn't need it more than anyone else, they have NO MANNERS!!!  sorry for my rant.  :)

anywho, tonight is our crafty lady gathering gift exchange & i made my gift so i hope whomever gets it can use & enjoy it!  i will show it on fo friday for all to see.  :o)  also, did i mention next tuesday is my bday & we are going to have the annual bday bash this saturday!!!  :)  not for sure of the place either a local dive or a local dive are the choices, if you want to come join us let me know so i can tell you when & where. 
here's the post about last year's bash...


Kathleen said...

Do you have a link to the pattern you used (if there is one!) for the granny tree garland? I love it! (And I'm not a Christmas-decorations person, so much---I haven't done any decorating at all yet, LOL, but my lap is full of an amigurumi present-to-be right now, if that counts as Christmas-spirit-y?)

stephanni :] said...

are you on pinterest? this is my stuff http://pinterest.com/jasonswife/ i think you can search stephanni & you should find me, not for sure though.
anywho, here is the pattern. http://theroyalsisters.blogspot.com/2009/11/grandma-tree-tutorial.html have fun making yours. the trick to the tree shape is the last row of the triangle, took me 2 tries to get it right because i didn't pay attention. :) the circles are the pattern to my crochetalong with innerhooker.