Monday, December 19, 2011

rub your hands together, doesn't that sound cute?!?

this is what q said to me yesterday!  this is how the conversation went...

q: "hey mom, you hear that" rubbing hands (palms together) really fast
me: "yes, i hear that"
q: "doesn't that sound cute?"
me: "what?"
q: "doesn't that sound cute?"
me: i'm thoroughly confused at this point, "what sounds cute?"
q: "that noise, doesn't it sound cute like a bunch of chipmunks?"  she repeats that to me 2 more times!
me: i'm dying laughing at this point! 

so now that you are rubbing your hands together, you know you want to, even if you haven't started doing it yet.  go ahead, i won't laugh...

so does it sound like a bunch of chipmunks to you???


i didn't think so!  she is crazy as hell, i love that little girl!

doing the booty tooch!  q showing off one of my hats, do you think this one will sell immediately on etsy if i post this pic?  she is such a ham!!!


Sarah said...

Lol! That is hilarious! I think it's cute :)

Look at her! Mrs. Thang over there! I love it! You need to frame that.

stephanni :] said...

she is a nut! i think i might, if i ever print it out. i don't have many printed like i should. :)

crystal said...

I don't hear any chipmunks...