Wednesday, December 21, 2011

wip wednesday, birthday gift & a kitcher sighting

i've been making headbands for a while now & i like them but i was looking for a wider version & i found one i really really like but it's front & back post stitches & it will take forever for me as i'm not so good with those stitches.  i'm thinking of converting it to regular stitches it just won't have ribbing.  anywho, i was looking at my "i'm a HOOKER!!!" board & saw i had pinned this headband a while back & thought i would make it.  it's not as wide as the first one but it's wide enough. i really like it & it's turning out really pretty. 

sorry bad lighting again, the headband i originally wanted to make is the one in the picture on the paper.  :o)  didn't realize i had gotten a pic of it as well.
this is the pattern i'm working on right now, it's nice for dreads or long curls as she describes.
i love this headband!  so neat!
i'm finished with the top portion all i have left is the sides & the button.  the only thing i don't care about on this pattern is that it uses a 3.5 hook & i hate the tiny hooks.  give me a pattern with an I or bigger hook & i'm good to-go.  i actually tried to make the pattern with an I hook but the holes were way too big so i'm going by the pattern. 

yesterday was my birthday, yep, i'm the big 3-6!  it doesn't bother me like some people, it's more of, just another day thing to me.  i don't feel older either.  :o)
chicharrones cake!  hahahahahaha

i walked into work yesterday after q's christmas party, forgot my phone so no damn pics! :(
brittany had got me 2 bags of pork rinds, one hot, one regular (i love pork rinds!), and tied a balloon around the bags.  so that's what i got instead of a cake, i specified i didn't want cake so this is what she came up with.  i freaking love it!!!  :o)

oh & a kitcher sighting.  our elf on the shelf is not mischievous, i don't get why people want their sweet, cute elf to be bad!  don't get me wrong, it's funny but i hate cleaning up messes & those bad elves are making too many messes for my likings.  so our elf does non-messy, non-bad things.  this is what we woke up to a couple of days ago...

kitcher in daddy's stocking with our favorite xmas card from the murillo family.  :)
almost forgot to remind everyone to head over to tami's amis to check out all the other wips.  :)  have a great hump/wip day!!!


Minding My Own Stitches said...

Belated Happy B-Day. I'd take chips over cake any day of the week! I like the generously wide headband/muffler too!

stephanni :] said...

thank you for the belated happy bday! chips are awesome! :o)

Sarah said...

Mmmm, chicharrones! Awesome gift. That's sweet. Happy Late Birthday! Look at that little Kitcher, sweet guy!

I never understood either why one of Santa's elves would be bad!

stephanni :] said...

thanks sarah! you guys going to get an elf in a year or two? they are so much fun. the girls love looking for him in the morning.

Kathleen said...

Happy day after your birthday, first of all! :D I'm glad it was a good one, you are awesome and deserve an awesome day (and a hilarious substitute-cake).

ANd I love that headband, the stitch texture looks awesome and you picked a great colour. I can't wait to see it finished.