Tuesday, June 14, 2011

an anniversary of sorts & a new hair color

first of all, today is my 10th anniversary of dating or shall i say the start of 'shacking up' with my lovely husband.  :)  we had met sometime in february of 2001 & as our meetings at the club were more & more, we began to start really liking each other & it all started with me seeing him in the same apt complex that i lived in.  we were only 2-3 bldgs away from each other.  :)  so we started dating on 6/14/2001, um also as you can see we started shacking up the very next day so it was a whirl-wind love affair.  he is my rock, i have lots of friends i can count on for support but he has been there long before most of the ones i count on the most.  i can trust he will tell me the truth, in a loving way, if i'm wearing something crazy.  :)  if i need that super honest opinion of choices only i can make, he has always guided me in the way i've needed to go.  he is my soul mate & one true love.  mtl you baby, you make me so happy!  ok, on to not so sappy items, i thought i would share an engagement pic with you. 

aren't we just adorable?  look at that shiny head!  i miss the earring.  :)

about a week ago, i bleached my hair.  i didn't leave it on long enough & it made my hair orangey-yellow!  ewww, talk about cheap hooker!  i hated it!  it really all started with my pedi, the guy didn't want to work that day so he hurriedly did my pedi.  i was looking at my big toe on the right foot & one side is higher than the other!!!  he didn't ask if i wanted a design or anything, i will never have him do my toes again!  i love the talkative little girl in there.  i will definitely ask for her next time before i go in again.  i do love the polish color though.  :) after that, & it should have been my sign not to do anything else, i went to get my hair cut.  i went to the little salon in walmart, never had an issue with them, they do a decent job so i go in & have this really nice older lady cut my hair.  she was not the right person for me even though she was super sweet & we talked alot.  i had a pic of what i wanted, she was distracted by the eye art on the models face! oh geez, the second sign to walk out.  i like the hair cut don't get me wrong but it's nothing like the pic i brought along & i don't really care for my bangs to be so short.  so next time i will get it done at ulta or something with a girl fresh out of school that knows how to do the newer styles.  as i'm actually doing my hair these days instead of hastily putting it in a ponytail, i noticed my hair, other than the bangs, is just like the style in my engagement pics.  :)  it's a little longer which is what i wanted but she got snip happy, i keep telling myself it's only hair, it will grow.  so after i did all that, i bleached it!  so the whole day was a, 'stop-don't-do-it-but-i-can't-help-myself, i'm-going-to-do-it-anyway' kind of day. 

well i toned it last night & i soooo love my hair!!!  so here is my new color.  i think i want it a little lighter but right now i'm really satisfied, finally.  i went to sally's & the girl picked it out for me when i told her what i wanted.  i had the girls with me that time & they were in their princess dresses for the morning (see last pic) & my color just so happened to be...  princess blonde!  how funny is that? 

what girl doesn't want to be a princess, does this make me an official princess now?

so here it is in all it's glory, my new hair color
to many of you the blonde is new, well for most of my life i have been a blonde.  i missed it.  i like the reds & the dark browns/blacks but blonde is more my thing.  :)  after we got married (you can see in the engagement pic that i'm blonde & have the highlights) in september of '01 i started going darker & liked it so i didn't think i would go back to blonde but i really like the blonde so i'm going to keep it this princess blonde or lighter till i miss the darker side.  :)

princess hopp & princess q during errands on saturday morning :o)
oh & yes, i let them dress like princesses & go out in public.  i never had the dresses as a kid & i use to see little girls out with them on occasion & have always thought when they get old enough i would let them do the same.  i just draw the line on the little plastic heels, oh that sound is annoying! ;P  so q put on her sparkly converse knock offs & hopp put on her cute sandals & away we went in the pimpmobile aka royal carriage.  we went to the auto inspection place, the owner asked if we had a show.  we went to walmart & got all kinds of comments about them being cute & let me tell you, if you don't want attention don't let them dress up & go out in public.  :)  we then ventured to sallys for hair supplies.  then it was off to the house for lunch & a nap.


Claudia said...

You're a goofball! Happy "shacking up" anniversary! :)

Hair--go with what makes you happy.

I like your engagement pics... I like the bald iJ better. (Hmm, did that come out right?)

Wonder if I could even find my engagement shots to post?!

stephanni :] said...

so um... are you saying you don't like my new color?

my nana said that he looked like a convict with it bald! omg, old people & that no-filter thing. :) i like it too but i really, really, really loved the cornrows! so sexy!!!