Wednesday, June 22, 2011

father's day gifts 2011

i couldn't decide what i was going to get all the dad's for father's day.  mike, the FIL, is super easy!  anything comic book characters or spurs hats are automatic pleasers when it comes to him.  so i went to hat world & got him this hat.
mike's new hat

so then the hard part was what do i get my dad?  he use to be easy as well, we always got him fire fighter paraphernalia but he's not a fire fighter anymore so i try to stay away from that.  i know the LOVES his margaritas so i wanted to find him something margarita related.  um, have any of you tried to find "manly" margarita stuff?  it's almost impossible to find!  but i came across this jewel & knew it was perfect!  i hope he thinks of me every afternoon when he pours that margarita & dusts the rim.  :)

how cool is this?!?

so then came the worst part!  what do i get the man that has given me 2 beautiful girls?  seriously he's hard to buy for.  he never wants to hint at what he wants because that's like ruining a surprise so i have to get all creative with him.  i saw a post on a website i go to often & she was talking about a mouse pad with her kids on it from vistaprint, so i headed over there & was just about to order the mouse pad with the below pic & then remembered, we don't have a mouse pad, we have a wireless mouse & you don't really need one for them.  so i looked at some other stuff & then came across the pens.  i knew that's what i would get him.  he uses pens all the time to jot stuff down about customers problems so he can refer to them later.  it showed up yesterday, my fault on timing but they are so cute & i got to pick the little wording on the pens.  i love this pic of hopp cheesin' & q huggin' her tight.

i hope everyone enjoyed their father's day!

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